TLP808NETG TLP1210SATG Surge Suppressors

Tripp Lite’s energy-saving surge suppressors offer reliable GREEN surge technology

TLP808NETG/TLP1210SATG Surge Suppressors Tripp Lite's TLP808NETG and TLP1210SATG offer reliable GREEN surge technology that protects computers and peripherals as well as the environment. The ECO-SURGE offers a unique netbook switch that allows users to select wattage, making ECO-SURGE devices some of the only green surge suppressors compatible with all PCs, notebooks, and netbooks. An energy-saving outlet configuration reduces energy waste (phantom loads) by cutting AC power to unused peripherals.

TLP808NETG offers eight total outlets, 1-line tel/network data line protection, and 8- foot cord with a space-saving angled plug and diagnostic LEDs to warn of wiring problems and suppressor damage. Network-grade AC suppression rated at 2160 J shields equipment from surges and line noise. Integrated child-safety outlet covers safely seal off unused outlets. An attractive, cool gray suppressor housing with keyhole mounting tabs and three designated transformer plug outlets offers convenient protection of desktop computer equipment and accessories.

The TLP1210SATG offers 3600 J of advanced surge protection for all A/V components. Users can see and hear the difference with sharper and crisper video, deeper and fuller audio, and longer component life spans. This suppressor is perfect for small-to-medium home or business theater installations containing high-definition TVs, satellite and A/V receivers, DVD/CD players, and more.

TLP808NETG Features TPL1210SATG Features
  • Allows users to switch between GREEN (auto) power save mode and standard (manual) surge protection mode
  • Eight total AC outlets with room for three transformer plugs without blocking outlets; covers computers and all peripherals
  • Five "Power Save" outlets cut AC power when not in use
  • User-selectable wattage switch accommodates PCs, netbooks, and other internet research tools
  • Two "Always-On" outlets provide continuous power for interminable devices such as modems, routers, external hard drives, cordless phones, and fax machine
  • User-adjustable wattage control switch - allows for high-wattage (over 25 A) and low-wattage (over 15 A) components to serve as Master device
  • Auto/Manual switch - allows users to switch between GREEN (auto) power-save mode and standard (manual) surge protection
  • Two sets of surge-protected Type F gold coaxial connectors safeguard components on cable, satellite, and antenna line
  • 10-ft. cord with right-angle NEMA 5-15P plug provides convenient location anywhere within a home/business theater system

TLP808NETG TLP1210SATG Surge Suppressors

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Published: 2010-06-22