TS1101 Current-Sense Amplifiers

Touchstone Semiconductor's TS1101 high-side current-sense amplifiers exhibit a 100 µV (max) VOS and a 0.6% (max) gain error

Image of Touchstone Semiconductor's TS1101 Current-Sense AmplifiersThe voltage-output TS1101 current-sense amplifiers are Touchstone Semiconductor's first proprietary bi-directional current-sense amplifiers. Consuming a very low 1 µA supply current, the TS1101 high-side current-sense amplifiers exhibit a 100 µV (max) VOS and a 0.6% (max) gain error, both specifications optimized for any precision current measurement. For all high-side, bi-directional current-sensing applications, the TS1101s are self-powered and feature a wide input common-mode voltage range from 2 V to 25 V. A SIGN comparator digital output is also provided that indicates the direction of current flow depending on the external connections to the TS1101's RS+ and RS- input terminals.

The SOT23 package makes the TS1101 an ideal choice for PCB-area-critical, supply-current-conscious, high-accuracy current-sense applications in all battery-powered and portable instruments.

All TS1101s are specified for operation over the -40°C to 105°C extended temperature range.

Specifications Applications
  • Ultra-low supply current: 1 µA
  • Wide input common mode range: +2 V to +25 V
  • Low input offset voltage: 100 µV (max)
  • Low gain error: < 0.6% (max)
  • Four gain options available:
    • TS1101-25: Gain = 25 V/V
    • TS1101-50: Gain = 50 V/V
    • TS1101-100: Gain = 100 V/V
    • TS1101-200: Gain = 200 V/V
  • 6-Lead SOT23 packaging
  • Notebook computers
  • Current-shunt measurement
  • Power management systems
  • Battery monitoring
  • Motor control
  • Load protection
  • Smart battery packs/chargers


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
TS1101-50DB datasheet linkBOARD EVAL OPAMP TS1101-50TS1101-50DBBOARD EVAL OPAMP TS1101-502 - Immediate
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TS1101-100DB datasheet linkBOARD EVAL OPAMP TS1101-100TS1101-100DBBOARD EVAL OPAMP TS1101-1001 - Immediate
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TS1101-25DB datasheet linkBOARD EVAL OPAMP TS1101-25TS1101-25DBBOARD EVAL OPAMP TS1101-251 - Immediate
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TS1101-100EG6T datasheet linkIC OPAMP CUR SENS 4.5KHZ SOT23-6TS1101-100EG6TIC OPAMP CUR SENS 4.5KHZ SOT23-60TS1101-100EG6T product page link
Published: 2012-09-20