SelectSYNC™ Intelligent Programmable LED Drivers

TRP's SelectSYNC intelligent programmable LED drivers to power the intelligent device ecosystem

Image of Thomas Research Products' SelectSYNC™ IntelligentThomas Research Products introduces an entirely new family of feature-rich programmable LED drivers under the SelectSYNC name. These cost-competitive models offer a variety of new solutions for powering intelligent lighting devices.

The SelectSYNC family includes programmable LED drivers with a variety of form factors and wattages to accommodate most OEM needs. Initial model offerings cover 25 W, 30 W, 40 W, 50 W, and 75 W power ranges and include indoor and outdoor applications. Every model is Class P Listed to increase customers’ speed to market. Controls-ready versions feature auxiliary output to power a wide range of sensors and devices.

Along with settable output current, TRP’s new drivers offer an advanced array of dimming options. They all include 0 V to 10 V dimming, while some models offer schedule dimming or even DALI. Most models provide dim-to-off capabilities. Other model-specific features include controllable NTC thermal foldback, lumen maintenance, and stand-by mode.

A key benefit of the SelectSYNC family is a better experience in programming drivers on the production line. TRP’s universal configurator software has an advanced graphical user interface (GUI) designed for simplicity in manufacturing environments. The configurator includes a programming cradle that handles wired, USB, and NFC programming for all models. The configurator will be forward compatible with the same ease of use for new SelectSYNC models as they are added to the product line. SelectSYNC LED drivers from TRP provide a new level of performance, capability, and flexibility for OEM customers. The company's 5-year warranty is standard. All high-performance LED drivers from TRP offer high quality, long life, high efficiency, and cost-competitiveness.

  • Set output current and variety of model-specific parameters
  • Class P Listed
  • Advanced GUI designed for the production environment
  • Auxiliary output for sensors and controls 
  • Dimming options: 0 V to 10 V, dim-to-off, schedule, DALI
  • Compact and linear models
  • 5-year standard warranty

SelectSYNC Intelligent Programmable LED Drivers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
S025W-056C1300-C02-UN-D2 datasheet linkLED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.3AS025W-056C1300-C02-UN-D2LED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.3A139 - Immediate
S025W-056C1300-C02-UN-D2 product page link
S025W-056C1300-C01-UN-D2 datasheet linkLED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.3AS025W-056C1300-C01-UN-D2LED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.3A136 - Immediate
S025W-056C1300-C01-UN-D2 product page link
S040W-056C1500-C01-UN-D2 datasheet linkLED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.5AS040W-056C1500-C01-UN-D2LED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.5A145 - Immediate
S040W-056C1500-C01-UN-D2 product page link
S040W-056C1500-C02-UN-D2 datasheet linkLED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.5AS040W-056C1500-C02-UN-D2LED DVR CC AC/DC 12-56V 1.5A144 - Immediate
S040W-056C1500-C02-UN-D2 product page link
S040W-028C1400-L01-UN-D2 datasheet linkLED DVR CC AC/DC 14-28.5V 1.4AS040W-028C1400-L01-UN-D2LED DVR CC AC/DC 14-28.5V 1.4A150 - Immediate
S040W-028C1400-L01-UN-D2 product page link
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Published: 2017-06-26