The Texas Instruments University Program

The Texas Instruments University Program is dedicated to supporting engineering educators, researchers and students worldwide.

Since 1982, the program has facilitated the inclusion of TI analog and embedded processing technology in the learning experience for engineering students, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Teaching and research labs
  • Textbooks
  • Design projects and contests
  • Course curricula

By doing this, TI aims to bridge the gap between the worlds of business and academia, bringing real world engineering concepts to life for thousands of students every year.


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Teaching with TI technology

At TI, we offer many resources to help educators and students. Have a design question? Tap into our E2E community. Want to make it easier for students to learn the design process? Teach with the WEBENCH Design Center or tap into TI Designs, a library featuring thousands of reference designs. Want to supplement coursework with additional learning videos? Check out and search hundreds of on-demand videos that teach everything from technology fundamentals to advanced implementation.

Engineer to Engineer descussions with our E2E community

TI Design Reference Design Library

Get your questions answered or contribute to the conversation, from amplifiers to data converters to power management and everything in between. Post, share and get answers now.

Schematics, block diagrams, BOMs, design files and test reports for hundreds of applications, including industrial, automotive, consumer, medical and more. This entire library was created by TI engineers with deep system and product knowledge. This is a terrific resource for students who are learning the design process. Have your students start their designs here.

Browse opportunities to supplement coursework with learning videos that teach by applications and design areas or by TI product families. We even offer in-person opportunities if you are interested in brushing up your knowledge in areas such as precision amplifiers, control theory, and battery management. For a complete list of what’s available, visit

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WEBENCH® Design Center

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This easy web tool enhances engineering education. WEBENCH Design Environments are unique and powerful software tools that deliver customized power, lighting, filtering, clocking and sensing designs in seconds. These tools help students generate, optimize and simulate designs for a variety of coursework design needs. They allow them to learn how to make value-based tradeoffs at a design, system and supply chain level.

Europe, Middle East and Africa


U.S. and Canada

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TI-based Teaching Kits

We offer two classroom teaching kits to help students understand analog concepts, from introductory analog circuit design (Analog System Lab Kit) to a more advanced power management series of curricula (Power Management Lab Kit). We also offer an analog components kit (myParts Kit) to learn about the various pieces and parts associated with building an engineering project.

Analog System Lab Kit (ASLK) Pro

The TI Power Management Lab Kit™ Series (TI-PMLK)

myParts Kit

Analog System Lab Kit (ASLK) Pro

The Analog System Lab Kit Pro exposes students to the fascinating world of analog and mixed-signal processing.

The kit comes with a board comprised of ten basic groups of analog components, as well as with a manual that features 14 step-by-step experiments to help students learn analog with ease in a fun and engaging way


TI demonstrates the impact of power on evolving technology with the TI-PMLK, the world’s first collection of power management lab kits for hands on learning. It’s comprehensive, it’s hands-on and it’s easy to use. The TI-PMLK series provides hands on learning to reinforce power supply knowledge and can easily be integrated into a variety of electrical engineering courses.

myParts Kit

The myParts Kit is a set of analog ICs and passive components to help students get their arms around the various pieces and parts associated with building an engineering project. Students are able to run experiments to understand real-life applications in areas such as power management, amplification, spinning motors, light detection, signal conditioning, data acquisition and telecommunications.

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