UCC28810EVM-003 Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments' 110 W multiple string LED driver with universal line input and PFC

image of Texas Instruments' UCC28810EVM-003 Evaluation ModuleTexas Instruments' UCC28810EVM-003 is a 110 W offline AC-to-DC LED current driver with power factor correction. This design utilizes a three stage approach with a universal input boost PFC stage, a low-side buck stage providing a controlled current source and a half-bridge DC transformer stage to provide isolation to four LED strings.

This converter was designed to support up to four strings of 15 high brightness LEDs in series (58.5 V max per string). The converter will provide 500 mA average current to each string. The design incorporates an interface for microprocessor control to allow for shutdown into a low power mode (<0.5 W) and PWM dimming of the LEDs. The boost, buck and DC half bridge multi-transformer stages are included on a UCC28810EVM-003 single board assembly.

Features Applications
  • 90 VRMS to 265 VRMS operation
  • Boost follower or fixed output PFC stage
  • PFC disable
  • Output current disable
  • External or internal PWM dimming
  • Output isolated from line input
  • Open circuit protection (If one LED string fails open the remaining strings stay on)
  • AC input general lighting applications using HB LEDs
  • Industrial, commercial and residential lighting fixtures
  • Outdoor lighting: street, roadway, parking, construction and ornamental LED lighting fixtures
  • LCD TV LED backlighting

Evaluation Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCurrent - Output / ChannelOutputs and TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
UCC28810EVM-003 datasheet linkEVALUATION MODULE FOR UCC28810UCC28810EVM-003EVALUATION MODULE FOR UCC28810500mA4, Isolated4 - Immediate
7 - Factory Stock
UCC28810EVM-003 product page link
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Published: 2011-07-25