UCC27210 High/Low Side Driver

Texas Instruments' UCC27210/1 drivers are based on the popular UCC27200/1 MOSFET drivers, but offer several significant performance improvements

Image of Texas Instruments' UCC27210 High/Low Side DriverTexas Instruments' UCC27210 and UCC27211 Drivers are based on the popular UCC27200 and UCC27201 MOSFET drivers, but offer several significant performance improvements. Peak output pull-up and pull-down current has been increased to 4 A source, 4 A sink, and pull-up and pull-down resistance has been reduced to 0.9 Ω, allowing the driving of large power MOSFETs with minimized switching losses during the transition through the MOSFET’s Miller Plateau. The input structure is now able to directly handle -10 VDC, increasing robustness and allowing direct interface to gate-drive transformers without using rectification diodes. The inputs are also independent of supply voltage and have a 20 V maximum rating.

Features Applications
  • Drives two N-channel MOSFETs in high-side and low-side configurations with independent inputs
  • Maximum boot voltage 120 V DC
  • 4 A sink, 4 A source output currents
  • 0.9 Ω pull-up and pull-down resistance
  • Input pins can tolerate -10 V to 20 V and are independent of supply voltage range
  • Power supplies for telecom, datacom, and merchant
  • Half-bridge and full-bridge converters
  • Push-pull converters
  • High voltage synchronous-buck converters
  • Two-switch forward converters
  • Active-clamp forward converters
  • Class-D audio amplifiers


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDriven ConfigurationAvailable QuantityView Details
UCC27211DPRT datasheet linkIC DVR HIGH/LOW SIDE 4A 10WSONUCC27211DPRTIC DVR HIGH/LOW SIDE 4A 10WSONHalf-Bridge903 - Immediate
UCC27211DPRT product page link
UCC27524D datasheet linkIC GATE DVR LOSIDE DUAL 5A 8SOICUCC27524DIC GATE DVR LOSIDE DUAL 5A 8SOICLow-Side529 - Immediate
UCC27524D product page link
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Published: 2013-07-02