TPS51610 - Buck Controller

Single Phase, D-CAP+™ Synchronous Buck Controller

TPS51610 - Buck ControllerA significant portion of Embedded PC platforms use Intel®-based mobile CPUs. Atom is an Intel IMVP6+ CPU that is popular in the Embedded PC space. The Computing Power Management Product Line has a complete and optimized power solution for Intel Atom Embedded PCs, Single Board Computers (SBCs), Industrial PCs (IPCs), and Point-Of-Sale (POS) Terminals.

The TPS51610 is TI's IMVP6+ single-phase, single-output synchronous PWM buck controller powering the Atom CPU. It provides the highest power density, lowest total external component count, lowest number of output capacitors, and highest performance due to its DCAP+™ control topology, OSR TM output capacitor reduction technology, 0.5% accuracy, and complete set of system monitoring and protection features such as integrated soft start, soft stop, UVLO, UVP, OVP, OTP, and OCP. A TPS51610-based Atom design requires only 330µF of output capacitance.

The TPS51610 is complemented by the TPS51125 dual buck controller for main power generation of 5V and 3.3V, the TPS51124 dual buck controller for DDR core and chipset core power, and the TPS51100 DDR termination LDO. If graphics are used, the TPS51610 can be re-used for Intel graphics (Intel GPU). For non-Intel graphics the TPS51511 can be used.

All TI power controllers feature DCAP™ or DCAP+™ control topology for no feedback loop compensation and the lowest output capacitor count. The BQ24751A battery charger is TI's battery pack charger solution, if batteries are used.

  • Full IMVP6/6+ compliance for Atom CPU power
  • TPS51610 7-bit and 5-bit VID interface for Atom CPU and Intel GPU power
  • 3V-28V input voltage range for use with fixed backplane power, battery power, or external adapter power
  • DCAP TM /DCAP+™ control topology for no feedback loop compensation
  • DCAP TM /DCAP+™ control topology for output capacitor reduction and use with ceramic-only output capacitors (MLCCs)
  • Complete Power Solution with only five power ICs covering all eight voltage rails covered
  • OSR™ technology for output capacitor reduction during load current turn-off
  • QFN packaging and system monitor and protection feature integration for high power density
  • IMVP6+ Single-Phase CPU
  • GPU VCORE Applications

TPS51610 Buck Controller

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TPS51610IRHBT datasheet linkIC D-CAP SYNC BUCK CTRLR 32-QFNTPS51610IRHBTIC D-CAP SYNC BUCK CTRLR 32-QFNController, Intel IMVP-6+3 V ~ 28 V977 - Immediate
TPS51610IRHBT product page link
Published: 2009-05-19