LMP91050SDEVAL and LMP91051EVM Eval Boards

Texas Instruments' LMP91050SDEVAL and LMP91051EVM evaluation boards can be used as stand-alone or as part of Sensor AFE evaluation platforms

LMP91050SDEVAL and LMP91051EVM Evaluation BoardsTexas Instruments' LMP91050/51 design kit (consisting of the LMP91050/51 evaluation module, the SPIO-4 digital controller board, the Sensor AFE software, and the user’s guide) and the LMP91051 design kit (consisting of the LMP91051 evaluation Board, the SPIO-4 digital controller board, the Sensor AFE software, and this user’s guide) are designed to ease evaluation and design-in of Texas Instrument’s LMP91050/1 configurable AFE for Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR). Data capturing and evaluations are simplified by connecting the SPIO-4 digital controller board (SPIO-4 board) to a PC via USB and running the Sensor AFE software. The data capture board will generate the SPI signals to communicate to and capture data from the LMP91050/1. The user will also have the option to evaluate the LMP91050/1 without using the SPIO-4 board or the Sensor AFE software.

  • Design and configure solutions on the bench
  • Software will display the LMP91050/51’s analog output in time domain and histogram
  • Configurable AFE simplifies manufacturing
  • Fast time-to-market

Evaluation Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartAvailable QuantityView Details
LMP91051EVM datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR LMP91051LMP91051EVMBOARD EVAL FOR LMP91051Interface, Analog Front End (AFE)-LMP910512 - Immediate
11 - Factory Stock
LMP91051EVM product page link
LMP91050SDEVAL/NOPB datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR LMP91050LMP91050SDEVAL/NOPBBOARD EVAL FOR LMP91050Interface, Analog Front End (AFE)NoLMP910501 - Immediate
1 - Factory Stock
LMP91050SDEVAL/NOPB product page link
Published: 2013-04-05