LM3445 TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver

LED driver from Texas Instruments delivers a wide, uniform dimming range free from flicker

Image of Texas Instruments' LM3445 TRIAC Dimmable LED DriverTexas Instruments' TRIAC dimmable offline LED driver solution is perfect for any application where an LED driver must interface to a standard TRIAC wall dimmer. The TRIAC dimmable LED driver delivers a wide and uniform dimming range that is free of flicker with best-in-class dimming performance, and high efficiency—all while maintaining ENERGY STAR® power factor requirements in a typical application. Conventional TRIAC dimmers are designed to interface to a resistive load (halogen or incandescent bulbs). Since the LEDs do not appear to be a resistive load, dimming LEDs from a standard TRIAC wall dimmer is a challenge. The LM3445 LED driver enables a direct replacement of incandescent lamp systems that are currently interfaced to a TRIAC dimmer without having to change the original infrastructure or sacrifice performance.

Full range dimming capability offers 100:1 full range dimming capability, going from full light to nearly imperceptible light in a continuous range without being extinguished and maintaining a constant current to large strings of LEDs driven in series off a standard line voltage.

Easy of use enables a direct replacement of incandescent or halogen lamp systems that are currently interfaced to a TRIAC dimmer without having to change the original infrastructure or sacrifice performance. In addition, the online design tools allow for easy and quick design-in.

Uniform dimming allows master-slave operation control in multichip solutions, enabling a single TRIAC dimmer to control multiple strings of LEDs with smooth, consistent dimming free of flicker.


  • TRIAC dim decoder circuit for LED dimming
  • Application voltage range 80 VAC to 277 VAC
  • Capable of controlling LED currents greater than 1 A
  • Adjustable switching frequency
  • Low quiescent current
  • Adaptive programmable off-time allows for constant ripple current
  • Thermal shutdown
  • No 120 Hz flicker
  • Low profile, 10-pin MSOP or 14-pin SOIC packages
  • Patent pending drive architecture
  • Retrofit TRIAC dimming
  • Solid state lighting
  • Industrial and commercial lighting
  • Residential lighting

TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeTopologyAvailable QuantityView Details
LM3445MM/NOPB datasheet linkIC LED DRIVER OFFL DIM 10VSSOPLM3445MM/NOPBIC LED DRIVER OFFL DIM 10VSSOPAC DC Offline SwitcherStep-Down (Buck)28206 - Immediate
LM3445MM/NOPB product page link

Evaluation Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCurrent - Output / ChannelOutputs and TypeVoltage - OutputAvailable QuantityView Details
LM3445-230VFLBK/NOPB datasheet linkBOARD EVAL LM3445 230VLM3445-230VFLBK/NOPBBOARD EVAL LM3445 230V350mA1, Isolated20V1 - Immediate
4 - Factory Stock
LM3445-230VFLBK/NOPB product page link
Published: 2010-10-21