Lighting Solutions

Texas Instrument's broad product portfolio of LED drivers, AC/DC and DC/DC power management devices, wireless and wired interface control and embedded processors for general lighting, signage, backlighting and automotive applications. In addition to TI's broad portfolio its deep application knowledge and worldwide technical support network are helping designers achieve their goals faster.

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Development Tools & Evaluation Modules

TPS92314A19230VEVM Off-Line Primary Side Sensing Controller with PFC Evaluation Module Board

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TPS92314A19230VEVM Product Page TPS92314A19230VEVM Datasheet

TPS92410EVM-002 230V Linear Regulator Dimming Solution Evaluation Module

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TPS92410EVM-002 Product Page TPS92410EVM-002 Datasheet

MSP-TS430PW14 - 14-pin Target Development Board for MSP430F2x and MSP430G2x MCUs

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MSP-TS430PW14 Product Page MSP-TS430PW14 Datasheet

TPS92411 Floating Switch evaluation board module for 230VAC Linear Direct Drive of LEDs

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TPS92411EVM-002 Product Page TPS92411EVM-002 Datasheet

LM3406 - 1.5A Constant Current Buck Regulator Evaluation Board for Driving High Power LEDs

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LM3406MHEVAL/NOPB Product Page LM3406MHEVAL/NOPB Datasheet

BQ24072 USB Li-Ion Battery Charger and Power-Path Management Evaluation Module | Linear

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BQ24072EVM Product Page BQ24072EVM Datasheet

TPS5430EVM-342 2.25A Inverting Buck Boost Regulator Evaluation Module

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TPS5430EVM-342 Product Page TPS5430EVM-342 Datasheet

DRV10866 Evaluation Module for 5V, 3-Phase, Sensorless, Brushless DC Motor Driver

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DRV10866EVM Product Page DRV10866EVM Datasheet

Evaluation Module for TPS61199 White LED Driver for LCD Monitors Backlighting

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TPS61199EVM-598 Product Page TPS61199EVM-598 Datasheet

1.6 MHz, 1 A Constant Current Buck Regulator for Powering LEDs

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LM3405XEVAL/NOPB Product Page LM3405XEVAL/NOPB Datasheet

TPS25910 High-Current Load Switch Evaluation Module

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TPS25910EVM-088 Product Page TPS25910EVM-088 Datasheet

Evaluation Board for LM3150-500 kHz - SIMPLE SWITCHER® CONTROLLER, 42V Synchronous Step-Down

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LM3150-500EVAL/NOPB Product Page LM3150-500EVAL/NOPB Datasheet

Application Notes & Reference Designs

SimpleLink™ CC2650 Wireless MCU and CC2592 Range Extender Reference Design with 122 dB Link Budget

ZigBee CC2530 wireless MCU and CC2592 range extender reference design with 120 dB link budget

34 V@2.8 A LED Street Light Reference Design

LED driver with dimming 140 V…170 V@0.35 A

120 VAC Input,3.5 W Output LED Driver Candelabra (E12) & Small Form Factor LED Lig Reference Design

Simple White Dimmable ZigBee Connected LED Light for Home and Building Automation

MR16 LED Replacement

PFC Boost with Transition Mode Buck 312 V@80 mA

70 V, 60 mA White LED Driver with Dimming Control and Automatic Thermal Scale-Back Reference Design

TRIAC Dimmable 230 V LED Lighting Driver Controller (32 V@350 mA)

Universal Input 45 W AC-DC LED Driver Reference Design

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