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8 Analog Solutions for Highly Successful Designs

From wearables, HDTVs, automated factory equipment to automotive cluster and body electronics, Texas Instruments offers a wide portfolio of analog devices that can help take your design to the next level. Find here the latest TI developments on ESD protection, voltage-level translation, amplifiers, integrated load switches, logic, little logic, I²C, digital potentiometers, and signal switches.


Texas Instruments offers a complete, broad portfolio of logic products, including registers, buffers, switches, drivers, gates, comparators, flip flops, and voltage translation. TI Logic solutions deliver application flexibility, higher performance, and design longevity. TI delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of logic products, technologies and solutions. Designed with effortless use in mind and paired with resources that make development fast and easy, TI’s Logic solutions simplify design and help you get to market faster.

Part Number Description  
SN74LVCH16244A 16-Bit Buffer/Driver With 3-State SN74LVCH16244A Product Page
SN74HC595 8-Bit Shift Registers With 3-State Output SN74HC595 Product Page
SN74AHCT245 Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State Outputs SN74AHCT245 Product Page

Little Logic

Little logic gates have all the features of their bigger cousins but in single, double, and triple gate functions in the industry's smallest package (0.8 x 0.8 mm). TI’s logic devices can support all applications from very large industrial equipment to wearables.

Part Number Description  
SN74LVC1G02DPW Single 2-Input Positive-NOR Gate SN74LVC1G02DPW Product Page
SN74LVC1G07DPW Single Buffer/Driver With Open Drain SN74LVC1G07DPW Product Page
SN74LVC1G02DPW Single 2-Input Positive-NOR Gate SN74LVC1G02DPW Product Page

Voltage Level Translation

Voltage-level translators or level-shifters address the challenges posed by simultaneous use of different supply-voltage levels on the same circuit board. We offer the industry's broadest level-translation portfolio to meet all your level-shifter needs.

SN74LV1Txx Universal Logic Translation

TI offers the SN74LV1T family of devices that can replace multiple logic devices with one to resolve translation issues in your design. These devices can help translate from 1.2 V up to 5 V.

Part Number Description  
SN74LV1T32 Single Power Supply 2-INPUT POSITIVE OR SN74LV1T32 Product Page
SN74LV1T86 Single Power Supply 2-INPUT EXCLUSIVE OR SN74LV1T86 Product Page
SN74LV1T08 Single power supply 2-input POSITIVE SN74LV1T08 Product Page
SN74LV4T125 Single Power Supply Quadruple Buffer GATE w/ 3-State Output SN74LV4T125 Product Page

High Speed Voltage Translation

TI offers the LSF family which can be used in level translation applications for interfacing devices or systems operating at different interface voltages with one another. TI’s LSF family is ideal for use in applications where an open-drain driver is connected to the data I/Os.

Part Number Description  
LSF0102 Dual Bidirectional Multi-Voltage Level Translator LSF0102 Product Page
LSF0108 Octal Bidirectional Multi-Voltage Level Translator LSF0108 Product Page
LSF0204 4-Bit Bidirectional Multi-Voltage Level Translator LSF0204 Product Page

Integrated Load Switches

TI's TPS229xx family of integrated load switches provides an easy solution to optimize the power consumption in a system by reducing the current leakages. These load switches are specially designed as a solution to the challenges that portable power management designers are facing.

Part Number Description  
TPS22915B 5.5V, 2A, 38mΩ Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge TPS22915B Product Page
TPS22920L 3.6V, 4A, 5.3mΩ Active-Low Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge TPS22920L Product Page
TPS22945 5.5V, 0.2A, 500mΩ, 100mA Current Limit Load Switch TPS22945 Product Page
TPS22958 5.5V, 4A, 14mΩ, Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge and Adjustable Rise Time TPS22958 Product Page
TPS22959 5.5V, 15A, 4.4mΩ Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge TPS22959 Product Page
TPS22964C 5.5V, 3A, 13.8mΩ Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge and Reverse Current Protection TPS22964C Product Page
TPS22965 5.7V, 6A, 16mΩ Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge and Adjustable Rise Time TPS22965 Product Page
TPS22968 5.5V, 4A, 25mΩ, 2-Channel Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge and Adjustable Rise Time TPS22968 Product Page
TPS22994 3.6V 1.0A 41mΩ 4-Ch I²C Controllable Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge and Prog. Options TPS22994 Product Page

Voltage Reference

With more than 40 years of supply history, Texas Instruments is the premier volume supplier of voltage references. TI’s broad portfolio features low temperature coefficient, precise initial accuracy, low noise, and excellent long-term stability performance. TI’s shunt references support a wide variety of applications, including high-precision references for data converters up to 20-bit precision accuracy and low-noise references for sensor conditioning. Voltage references are also commonly used as voltage monitors, current limiters, and programmable current sources.

Part Number Description  
LM4040A10 10-V Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference LM4040A10 Product Page
TL4050A25 Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference TL4050A25 Product Page

ESD Solutions

Texas Instruments offers Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) based ESD protection solutions that comply with the IEC 61000-4-2 standard. The IEC61000-4-2 is the most robust ESD test and provides the best system-level ESD protection. TI’s ESD solutions feature High Performance TVS Diode arrays, Integrated ESD Protection and Automotive ESD Protection.

System-level ESD protection (IEC61000-4-2) for all interface connectors:

  • Complete portfolio: diodes, diode arrays, integrated protection

Flow-through pin mapping for easy routing


Integrated protection saves board space and increases reliability:

  • System level ESD up to ±30 kV
  • Surge and cable plug / un-plug events
  • Short to power rail / short to GND
  • Over-voltage / over-current protection
Part Number Description  
TPD3S014 Current Limit Switch and D+/D– ESD Protection for USB Host Ports TPD3S014 Product Page
TPD3S044 Current Limit Switch and D+/D– ESD Protection for USB Host Ports TPD3S044 Product Page
TPD1E05U06 1 Channel Ultra Low Capacitance IEC ESD Protection Diode TPD1E05U06 Product Page
TPD2E2U06 Dual-Channel High-Speed ESD Protection TPD2E2U06 Product Page
TPD4E1U06 Quad Channel High Speed ESD Protection Device TPD4E1U06 Product Page
TPD4E05U06 4 Channel Ultra Low Capacitance IEC ESD Protection Diodes TPD4E05U06 Product Page
TPD1S514 USB Charger Over Voltage Surge and ESD Protection TPD1S514 Product Page
TPD13S523 13 Channel HDMI Port Solution with ESD Protection and Current-Limit Load Switch TPD13S523 Product Page

Signal Switches

Texas Instruments offers a wide portfolio of multiplexers & switches which includes analog switches, load switches, and specialty switches for applications such as USB, LAN, video, and PCIe. TI Analog Switches are available in the TI Switch (TS) technology family. The TS product family encompasses a variety of analog switches with different ON resistances, bandwidth, charge injection, and total harmonic distortion to target any application.

Analog Switches

TI Analog Switches are found in various technology families. These switches consist of a single n-channel transistor in parallel with a single p-channel transistor.

Part Number Description  
TS3A24159 0.3 Ohm Dual SPDT Analog Switch TS3A24159 Product Page
SN74HC4066 Quadruple Bilateral Analog Switches SN74HC4066 Product Page
Part Number Description  
SN74CB3Q3251 1-of-8 FET 2.5-V/3.3-V Low-Voltage High-Bandwidth Bus Switch SN74CB3Q3251 Product Page
SN74CB3T16211 24-Bit FET 2.5-V/3.3-V Low-Voltage Bus Switch SN74CB3T16211 Product Page
SN74CBT3257C 4-Bit 1-Of-2 FET Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with -2 V Undershoot Protection SN74CBT3257C Product Page

I²C and Digital Potentiometers

Texas Instruments (TI) has supported the highly efficient I²C BUS® interface with high performance microchips for many years. TI’s I/O expanders, multiplexers, buffers and repeaters can help system designers achieve effective subsystem communications and interfacing using proven I²C devices.

The inter-integrated circuit (I²C) bus consists of two active wires; the bidirectional serial data (SDA) line and the bidirectional serial clock (SCL) line.

Part Number Description  
TCA6507 Low-Voltage 7-Bit I2C and SMBus LED Driver TCA6507 Product Page
TCA8418 I2C Controlled Keypad Scan IC TCA8418 Product Page
TCA8418E Controlled Keypad Scan IC with Integrated ESD Protection TCA8418E Product Page
TCA8424 Low-Voltage 8x16 Keyboard Scanner TCA8424 Product Page
TCA9406 TCA9406 Dual Bidirectional 1-MHz I2C-BUS/SMBus Voltage Level-Translator TCA9406 Product Page
TPL0501-100 256-tap, 100k, Single Channel Potentiometer with SPI Interface TPL0501-100 Product Page
TPL0102-100 256 Taps Dual Channel Digital Potentiometer with I2C Interface and Non-Volatile Memory TPL0102-100 Product Page
TPL8002-25 TANDEM 64-TAP Digital Potentiometer TPL8002-25 Product Page
TPL0202-10 256 Taps, Dual Channel Digital Potentiometer with SPI Interface and Non-Volatile Memory TPL0202-10 Product Page


Texas Instruments offers a wide range of standard operational amplifiers, including JFET, low-voltage, precision, high-voltage, audio, high-speed, and special function amplifiers. TI’s operational amplifiers fit in a wide a variety of applications performing various functions like filtering, driving ADCs, buffering DACs, level shifting, and adding gain to analog signal chains.

Part Number Description  
LMV341 Single Rail-To-Rail Output CMOS Operational Amplifier LMV341 Product Page
TL072 Dual Low-Noise JFET-Input TL072 Product Page
RC4580 Dual Audio Operational Amplifier RC4580 Product Page
LM2904 High Voltage Dual Operational Amplifier LM2904 Product Page


Texas Instruments offers a variety of comparators with wide supply ranges, from 2 V to 36 V, and low supply currents enabling low power operation. These features, along with fast rise and fall times, make TI’s comparators the perfect choice for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses.

Part Number Description  
LM339 High Voltage Quad Differential Comparator LM339 Product Page
LMV331 Single General Purpose Low-Voltage Comparator LMV331 Product Page
TL714 Single High-Speed Differential Comparator with Push-Pull Outputs TL714 Product Page

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