Metal Braid

Techflex's tinned copper sleeve for shielding, grounding, and decoration

Image of Techflex's Metal BraidTechflex's skill with braided sleeving extends to many materials including metal braids for a variety of applications. Their tinned copper braid (MBN grade) is perfect for shielding on harnesses and cables. Wire conforms to ASTM-B 33.

High-end automotive applications have always used braided metal for secure and efficient grounding applications. The material is also great for hose covering on hot rods and motorcycles.

  • EMI, RFI, ESD protection
  • Grounding straps
  • Engine dress-up
  • Complies with CID A-A-59569
  • Extreme blowout protection
  • Expands for easy installation
  • Cut and abrasion resistant

Metal Braid

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
5/32MBN0.16SV1005/32" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEVE 100'106 - ImmediateView Details
1/4MBN0.25SV1001/4" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEEVE 100'817 - ImmediateView Details
3/8MBN0.38SV1003/8" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEEVE 100'163 - ImmediateView Details
1/2MBN0.50SV1/2" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEEVE 100'272 - ImmediateView Details
5/8MBN0.63SV5/8" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEEVE 100'55 - ImmediateView Details
1MBN1.00SV501" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEEVING 50'79 - ImmediateView Details
25/32MBN0.78SV25/32" TIN COPPER TB SLEEVE 100'34 - ImmediateView Details
3/8MBN0.38SV3/8" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEEVE 250'24 - ImmediateView Details
1/4MBN0.25SV1/4" TIN COPPER TUBE SLEEVE 250'54 - ImmediateView Details
1/16MBN0.06SV1001/16" TIN COPPER TBE SLEEVE 100'208 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2012-06-29