Insultherm™ Tru-Fit FGL Sleeving

Techflex's insultherm Tru-Fit heat treated, fray-resistant fiberglass sleeving

Image of Techflex's Insultherm™ Tru-Fit FGL SleevingTechflex Insultherm™ Tru-Fit (FGL grade) is a braided fiberglass sleeving that has been heat treated and impregnated with an acrylic binder to reduce fraying and dusting, and to improve usability and performance. FGL is engineered for applications where temperatures as high as 1,200°F may be encountered.

FGL is used as primary insulation on low voltage applications such as leads in toasters, coffee makers, ranges, and other appliances. FGL may also be used as insulation and protection for small heaters and resistors that operate at high temperatures, and to insulate over soldered connections when exposure to solder melt temperatures is possible.

Insultherm Tru-Fit provides a sturdy, long lasting, and inexpensive insulation solution. It is flexible and expandable, and can easily be installed over applications with irregular shapes and tight turns. Standard colors are black and natural, but other colors are available by special order.

  • Rated to 464°F
  • For high temperature – low voltage applications
  • Cut and abrasion resistant
  • UL recognized: VW-1
  • Easy to install – cuts with scissors
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • Resists most organic solvents

Insultherm Tru-Fit FGL Sleeving

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
FGLG.12BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.085" X 250' BLACKFGLG.12BKSLEEVING 0.085" X 250' BLACK62 - Immediate
FGLG.12BK product page link
FGLG.10BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.106" X 250' BLACKFGLG.10BKSLEEVING 0.106" X 250' BLACK37 - Immediate
FGLG.10BK product page link
FGLG.00BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.33" X 100' BLACKFGLG.00BKSLEEVING 0.33" X 100' BLACK6 - Immediate
FGLG.00BK product page link
FGLG.06BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.166" X 250' BLACKFGLG.06BKSLEEVING 0.166" X 250' BLACK14 - Immediate
FGLG.06BK product page link
FGLG.02BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.263" X 250' BLACKFGLG.02BKSLEEVING 0.263" X 250' BLACK19 - Immediate
FGLG.02BK product page link
FGL0.50BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 1/2" X 100' BLACKFGL0.50BKSLEEVING 1/2" X 100' BLACK6 - Immediate
FGL0.50BK product page link
FGLG.08BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.133" X 250' BLACKFGLG.08BKSLEEVING 0.133" X 250' BLACK19 - Immediate
FGLG.08BK product page link
FGL0.38BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 3/8" X 100' BLACKFGL0.38BKSLEEVING 3/8" X 100' BLACK14 - Immediate
FGL0.38BK product page link
FGLG.16BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.053" X 500' BLACKFGLG.16BKSLEEVING 0.053" X 500' BLACK55 - Immediate
FGLG.16BK product page link
FGLG.14BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.066" X 500' BLACKFGLG.14BKSLEEVING 0.066" X 500' BLACK7 - Immediate
FGLG.14BK product page link
FGL0.63BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 5/8" X 100' BLACKFGL0.63BKSLEEVING 5/8" X 100' BLACK7 - Immediate
FGL0.63BK product page link
FGL0.75BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 3/4" X 100' BLACKFGL0.75BKSLEEVING 3/4" X 100' BLACK3 - Immediate
FGL0.75BK product page link
FGLG.04BK datasheet linkSLEEVING 0.208" X 250' BLACKFGLG.04BKSLEEVING 0.208" X 250' BLACK4 - Immediate
FGLG.04BK product page link
Published: 2011-03-03