RTX Power PCB Relay

General purpose PCB relay from TE Connectivity

Image of TE Connectivity's RTX Power PCB RelayTE Connectivity is pleased to present the RTX relay, the latest member of its successful RT inrush family. The RTX is specifically developed to meet the requirements of IEC 60669 with up to a 16 A, 250 VAC-rated load. The key requirement of this standard is the ability to switch high inrush currents from lighting loads. The RTX relay efficiently switches inrush currents up to 320 A, and carries and breaks 16 A loads by combining tungsten pre-make contacts and a TE flip-flop contact spring, along with silver-tin oxide contacts.


  • High inrush capability due to tungsten pre-make contact and silver-tin oxide carry/break contact
  • 16 Amps/250 VAC make and break capacity according to IEC 60669-1
  • Energy efficient with the bi-stable (latching) DC coil system utilizing one or two coils
  • Reinforced insulation provide additional safety protection
  • Small product dimensions of 29.1 mm x 12.7 mm x 16 mm to meet industry standard
  • RoHS compliance and cadmium-free design meets market requirements
  • Lighting control systems
  • Home automation applications (bus systems, remote switching)
  • Movement sensors (e.g. passive infrared sensors)
  • Electronic switches for fixed installations

RTX Power PCB Relay

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
RTX3-1AT-B005 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 5VRTX3-1AT-B005RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 5V2442 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-B005 product page link
RTX3-1AT-B003 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 3VRTX3-1AT-B003RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 3V1836 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-B003 product page link
RTX3-1AT-B024 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 24VRTX3-1AT-B024RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 24V500 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-B024 product page link
RTX3-1AT-B009 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 9VRTX3-1AT-B009RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 9V474 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-B009 product page link
RTX3-1AT-B006 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 6VRTX3-1AT-B006RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 6V448 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-B006 product page link
RTX3-1AT-B012 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 12VRTX3-1AT-B012RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 12V289 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-B012 product page link
RTX3-1AT-B048 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 48VRTX3-1AT-B048RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 48V454 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-B048 product page link
RTX3-1AT-C024 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 24VRTX3-1AT-C024RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 24V932 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-C024 product page link
RTX3-1AT-C012 datasheet linkRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 12VRTX3-1AT-C012RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 16A 12V231 - Immediate
RTX3-1AT-C012 product page link
Published: 2012-08-28