High Power Inverted Thru Board Connector

TE Connectivity's SMT connector is available in 2, 3, and 4 positions

Image of TE Connectivity's High Power Inverted Thru Board ConnectorTE Connectivity's high-power, inverted thru-board SMT connector has a 7 A, 600 VAC UL rating and is available in 2, 3, and 4 positions to meet your design requirements. It brings power to LED aluminum clad boards from underneath the printed circuit board. The mating Economy Power II (EPII) Connector, based on 22 AWG - 18 AWG (0.34 mm2 - 0.75 mm2) solid and stranded wire sizes, is ideal for delivering power to the printed circuit boards.

  • Eliminates wire dress management issues with discrete wire leads around the top surface of LED printed circuit boards
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4 positions to meet specific design requirements
  • Low profile, top surface height of 2.00 mm above the LED printed circuit board prevents interference with LED light emission
  • High-temperature material supports reflow soldering process
  • Rounded corners prevents shadowing to maximize LED light emission
  • Tape and reel packaging allows for high speed SMT processing
  • Flat, top surface design allows for vacuum pick up
  • Surface-mount board locks provides stability during mating and unmating
  • Accepts Economy Power II (EP II) UL rated 600 VAC connectors
  • EP II connectors provide positive latching to help ensure proper mating and inadvertent unmating
  • Connector is positioned in cutout or notch in the printed circuit board offering placement flexibility
  • Indoor and outdoor solid-state lighting fixtures
  • Solid-state lighting modules and controls
  • Solid LED lighting controls
  • Industrial / commercial meters and controls

High Power Inverted Thru Board Converter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
2154829-1 datasheet linkCONN SSL HDR 2POS 3.96MM SOLDER2154829-1CONN SSL HDR 2POS 3.96MM SOLDER17283 - Immediate
2154829-1 product page link
2154828-1 datasheet linkEPII 2 POS CABLE ASSEMBLY2154828-1EPII 2 POS CABLE ASSEMBLY1318 - Immediate
2154828-1 product page link
2154828-2 datasheet linkEPII 3 POS CABLE ASSEMBLY2154828-2EPII 3 POS CABLE ASSEMBLY914 - Immediate
2154828-2 product page link
2154828-3 datasheet linkEPII 4 POS CABLE ASSEMBLY2154828-3EPII 4 POS CABLE ASSEMBLY800 - Immediate
2154828-3 product page link
Published: 2013-07-02