SK Series String Pots

TE Connectivity's flexible, compact string pots are well-suited for outdoor aerial applications

Image of TE Connectivity's SK Series String PotsTE Connectivity's SK series string pots are ideal for applications that require increased safety requirements for aerial equipment such as fork lifts and lift buckets. These applications require sensors that provide reliable and flexible measurements. The devices offer a linear position of up to 400 inches (10 meters) providing flexibility that is well-suited for a wide variety of aerial applications. The SK series string pots are off-the-shelf ready and offer a range of industry-standard output signals such as CANOpen and CANbus.

  • Flexibility
  • Ease-of-use
  • Small retracted size
  • Well-sealed for outdoor use
  • Variety of output choices
  • Fork lifts
  • Lift buckets
  • Outdoor aerial applications

SK Series String Pots

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLinear RangeOutputActuator TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
250 IN VOLTAGE DIVIDER STRING POSK1-250-3250 IN VOLTAGE DIVIDER STRING PO0 ~ 6350.00mm (0 ~ 250.00")Analog VoltageString Potentiometer9 - ImmediateView Details
STRING ENCODER F01 400SK6-400-F01STRING ENCODER F01 4000 ~ 10160.00mm (0 ~ 400.00")Analog VoltageSlotted Shaft9 - ImmediateView Details
250 IN 0-10V / 4-20MA IP67 STRINSKD-250-3250 IN 0-10V / 4-20MA IP67 STRIN0 ~ 6350.00mm (0 ~ 250.00")Analog Voltage, 4 ~ 20mAString Potentiometer3 - ImmediateView Details
250 IN CANJ1939 IP67 STRING POTSKJ-250-4250 IN CANJ1939 IP67 STRING POT0 ~ 6350.00mm (0 ~ 250.00")Analog VoltageString Potentiometer10 - ImmediateView Details
250 IN CANOPEN IP67 STRING POTSKH-250-4250 IN CANOPEN IP67 STRING POT0 ~ 6350.00mm (0 ~ 250.00")Analog Voltage, 4 ~ 20mAString Potentiometer10 - ImmediateView Details
400 IN SYNCRO MOUNT ENCODER REELSK6-400-S02400 IN SYNCRO MOUNT ENCODER REEL0 ~ 10160.00mm (0 ~ 400.00")Analog VoltageSlotted Shaft10 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-08-14