Flex Grip Wire Connector

TE Connectivity’s flex grip wire connector serves a wide range of applications and replaces traditional terminals and splices

Image of TE Connectivity AMP Flex Grip Connector TE Connectivity’s flex grip wire connector is one connector for a broad range of solutions. These push-in connectors have operating levers for fast, easy, and releasable wire termination and accommodate for a combination of 24 AWG to 14 AWG (0.2 mm² to 4.0 mm²) solid and stranded wires. The transparent body allows users to visually confirm the proper wire strip length and insertion for good electrical installation.


  • Accommodates many combinations of solid and stranded wires
  • Confirm wire insertion and proper strip length visually with clear housing
  • Achieve results with built-in test slot


  • Lighting and commercial building equipment
  • Indoor, interior, and retrofit lighting
  • Home automation applications
  • Residential wiring systems
Target Markets
  • Electrical installers
  • Lighting: splicing wires within luminaires
  • Home automation: splicing wires within box devices
  • HVAC: replace traditional terminal and splices

Flex Grip Wire Connector

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of Wire EntriesAvailable QuantityView Details
2-2834245-1 datasheet link2P, SPLICING WIRE CONNECTOR, GRE2-2834245-12P, SPLICING WIRE CONNECTOR, GRE22346 - Immediate
2-2834245-1 product page link
3-2834245-1 datasheet link3P, SPLICING WIRE CONNECTOR, GRE3-2834245-13P, SPLICING WIRE CONNECTOR, GRE31667 - Immediate
3-2834245-1 product page link
5-2834245-1 datasheet link5P, SPLICING WIRE CONNECTOR, GRE5-2834245-15P, SPLICING WIRE CONNECTOR, GRE52537 - Immediate
5-2834245-1 product page link
Published: 2018-11-08