CNA Series of Low-Resistance Soft-Termination MLCCs

TDK’s soft-termination MLCCs utilize a design concept that reduces the amount of soft resin material

Image of TDK CNA Series of Low Resistance Soft Termination MLCCsTDK's soft-termination CNA series utilizes a design concept which reduces the amount of soft resin material. The conductive resin electrode layer is only applied at the soldering positions to absorb mechanical stress caused by board flex. Lower parasitic resistance and inductance are realized due to the reduction of soft resin material from the conventional series.

The low-resistance, soft-termination MLCC provides identical mechanical performance to the conventional soft-termination series. Typical applications are where significant board flex may occur, including safety/critical automotive applications such as powertrain, suspension, airbag, and battery line applications. Since the soft-termination feature is a termination technology, TDK can theoretically extend this design technique to its existing capacitance range, allowing for a wide capacitance offering.

  • Conductive resin soft-termination
  • Directs stress away from ceramic body
  • Superior board flex performance
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • RoHS, WEE, and REACH compliant
  • CDF-AEC-Q200 compliant (as CNA series)
  • Powertrain
  • Suspension
  • Airbags
  • Battery lines

CNA Series Ceramic Capacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
CAP CER 2.2UF 50V X7R 1206CNA5L1X7R1H225K160AECAP CER 2.2UF 50V X7R 12064000 - ImmediateView Details
CAP CER 4.7UF 50V X7R 1206CNA5L1X7R1H475K160AECAP CER 4.7UF 50V X7R 12063870 - ImmediateView Details
CAP CER 2.2UF 75V X7R 1206CNA5L1X7R1N225K160AECAP CER 2.2UF 75V X7R 12063970 - ImmediateView Details
CAP CER 10UF 50V X7R 1210CNA6P1X7R1H106K250AECAP CER 10UF 50V X7R 12100View Details
CAP CER 4.7UF 50V X7R 1210CNA6P1X7R1H475K250AECAP CER 4.7UF 50V X7R 12100View Details
CAP CER 10UF 16V X7R 1206CNA5L1X7R1C106K160AECAP CER 10UF 16V X7R 12060View Details
CAP CER 4.7UF 100V X7R 1210CNA6P1X7R2A475K250AECAP CER 4.7UF 100V X7R 12101996 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-07-11