Flexible Absorbent Material

t-Global Flexible Absorbent Material provides an effective, thermally conductive solution for EMI suppression

Flexible Absorbent Materialt-Global’s flexible absorbent material (FAM) is a an effective thermally conductive pad which can provide electromagnetic interference suppression in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 25 GHz. Additionally, this particular material can be used to effectively suppress resonance and coupling. t-Global can supply, as standard, sheets or die cuts, depending on the specific application. This material can be used on a wide variety of electronic equipment such as radio frequency identification systems, communication devices, satellite, and many more.

Besides the application of EMI, FAM can be a solution for RFID on metal. It is suitable for LF (125 KHz) and HF (13.56 MHz) bands, dealing with malfunction problems when the RFID Reader/Writer or RFID tag is attached on metal (recovering up to 80% of the original distance).

  • Provide effective EMI suppression in a wide frequency range
  • Ultra-thin and extremely flexible, can be freely arranged in space
  • Non-conductive adhesive backing (UL Recognized) available
  • Effective in preventing resonance and suppressing coupling
  • High surface resistance
  • Easy and fast to process
  • Can be cut to any shape easily

Flexible Absorbent Material

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
FAM1-100-100-0.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 100X100MMFAM1-100-100-0.5-1ASHEET FAM1 100X100MM35 - Immediate
FAM1-100-100-0.5-1A product page link
FAM1-200-200-0.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 200X200MMFAM1-200-200-0.5-1ASHEET FAM1 200X200MM82 - Immediate
FAM1-200-200-0.5-1A product page link
FAM1-100-100-2.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 100X100MMFAM1-100-100-2.5-1ASHEET FAM1 100X100MM24 - Immediate
FAM1-100-100-2.5-1A product page link
FAM3-200-200-0.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM3 200X200MMFAM3-200-200-0.5-1ASHEET FAM3 200X200MM25 - Immediate
FAM3-200-200-0.5-1A product page link
FAM3-200-200-0.75-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM3 200X200MMFAM3-200-200-0.75-1ASHEET FAM3 200X200MM20 - Immediate
FAM3-200-200-0.75-1A product page link
FAM1-200-200-2.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 200X200MMFAM1-200-200-2.5-1ASHEET FAM1 200X200MM9 - Immediate
FAM1-200-200-2.5-1A product page link
FAM1-100-100-0.2-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 100X100MMFAM1-100-100-0.2-1ASHEET FAM1 100X100MM20 - Immediate
FAM1-100-100-0.2-1A product page link
FAM3-100-100-0.25-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM3 100X100MMFAM3-100-100-0.25-1ASHEET FAM3 100X100MM5 - Immediate
FAM3-100-100-0.25-1A product page link
FAM3-100-100-0.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM3 100X100MMFAM3-100-100-0.5-1ASHEET FAM3 100X100MM11 - Immediate
FAM3-100-100-0.5-1A product page link
FAM1-100-100-1.0-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 100X100MMFAM1-100-100-1.0-1ASHEET FAM1 100X100MM0FAM1-100-100-1.0-1A product page link
FAM1-100-100-1.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 100X100MMFAM1-100-100-1.5-1ASHEET FAM1 100X100MM17 - Immediate
FAM1-100-100-1.5-1A product page link
FAM1-200-200-0.2-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 200X200MMFAM1-200-200-0.2-1ASHEET FAM1 200X200MM4 - Immediate
FAM1-200-200-0.2-1A product page link
FAM3-200-200-0.25-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM3 200X200MMFAM3-200-200-0.25-1ASHEET FAM3 200X200MM7 - Immediate
FAM3-200-200-0.25-1A product page link
FAM1-100-100-2.0-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 100X100MMFAM1-100-100-2.0-1ASHEET FAM1 100X100MM9 - Immediate
FAM1-100-100-2.0-1A product page link
FAM1-200-200-2.0-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 200X200MMFAM1-200-200-2.0-1ASHEET FAM1 200X200MM2 - Immediate
FAM1-200-200-2.0-1A product page link
FAM5-297-210-0.05-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM5 210X297MMFAM5-297-210-0.05-1ASHEET FAM5 210X297MM4 - Immediate
FAM5-297-210-0.05-1A product page link
FAM5-297-210-0.3-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM5 210X297MMFAM5-297-210-0.3-1ASHEET FAM5 210X297MM1 - Immediate
FAM5-297-210-0.3-1A product page link
FAM1-200-200-1.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM1 200X200MMFAM1-200-200-1.5-1ASHEET FAM1 200X200MM0FAM1-200-200-1.5-1A product page link
FAM5-297-210-0.5-1A datasheet linkSHEET FAM5 210X297MMFAM5-297-210-0.5-1ASHEET FAM5 210X297MM0FAM5-297-210-0.5-1A product page link
Published: 2012-06-29