NanoPoint-0201 Series LEDs

SunLED offers its 0.65 mm x 0.35 mm x 0.2 mm SMD chip type LEDs in a variety of colors

Image of SunLED's NanoPoint-0201 Series LEDsSunLED announces the NanoPoint-0201 series LED, providing the world’s smallest LED footprint currently available, the 0201. As new product designs become smaller and more compact, the need for smaller components has become more prevalent. The optoelectronics industry has gone from a 1206 sized LED down to a 0402 size, where footprint reduction technology has stalled for many years.

With a footprint of 0.65 mm x 0.35 mm and a mere 0.20 mm height, the NanoPoint-0201 LED offers over 50% size reduction compared to the 0402, shattering all restraints tying down product designs. A full spectrum of colors is readily available providing a brilliant output for the miniscule size of the LED, making this product a versatile solution for any design.

Image: Associated LEDs

  • World's smallest LED - 0201 footprint
  • Dimensions: 0.65 mm x 0.35 mm x 0.20 mm (L x W x H)
  • Low current, 10 mA operation
  • DFN style package: dual flat no-leads
  • SMD moisture sensitivity level (MSL): 2
  • Wide dispersion angle of 135°
  • Cost competitive
  • Available colors: red, orange, yellow, green, true green, and blue
  • Audio and video
  • Consumer electronics
  • Fitness wearables
  • Icon and text backlighting
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Membrane switches
  • Mobile devices and hand-held products
  • Networking / telecommunications
  • Safety and security

NanoPoint-0201 Series LEDs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
XZVGR155W datasheet link0.65X0.35MM GREEN SMD 0201 LEDXZVGR155W0.65X0.35MM GREEN SMD 0201 LED32196 - Immediate
XZVGR155W product page link
XZMDR155W datasheet link0.65X0.35MM RED SMD 0201 LEDXZMDR155W0.65X0.35MM RED SMD 0201 LED19645 - Immediate
XZMDR155W product page link
XZMOR155W datasheet link0.65X0.35MM ORANGE SMD 0201 LEDXZMOR155W0.65X0.35MM ORANGE SMD 0201 LED13293 - Immediate
XZMOR155W product page link
XZMYR155W datasheet link0.65X0.35MM YELLOW SMD 0201 LEDXZMYR155W0.65X0.35MM YELLOW SMD 0201 LED14202 - Immediate
XZMYR155W product page link
XZMER155W datasheet link0.65X0.35MM RED SMD 0201 LEDXZMER155W0.65X0.35MM RED SMD 0201 LED6842 - Immediate
XZMER155W product page link
XZBBR155W5MAV datasheet link0.65X0.35MM BLUE SMD 0201 LEDXZBBR155W5MAV0.65X0.35MM BLUE SMD 0201 LED67873 - Immediate
XZBBR155W5MAV product page link
XZBGR155W5MAV datasheet link0.65X0.35MM TRUE GREEN SMD 0201XZBGR155W5MAV0.65X0.35MM TRUE GREEN SMD 02018243 - Immediate
XZBGR155W5MAV product page link
XZBWR155F5MAV datasheet link0.65X0.35MM WHITE SMD 0201 LEDXZBWR155F5MAV0.65X0.35MM WHITE SMD 0201 LED0XZBWR155F5MAV product page link

Associated LEDs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
XZMDK68W-2 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDXZMDK68W-2LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMD255249 - Immediate
XZMDK68W-2 product page link
XZMDK53W-8 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDXZMDK53W-8LED RED CLEAR 0603 SMD65158 - Immediate
XZMDK53W-8 product page link
XZCBD53W-6 datasheet linkLED BLUE CLEAR 0603 SMDXZCBD53W-6LED BLUE CLEAR 0603 SMD26506 - Immediate
XZCBD53W-6 product page link
XZMDKDGCBD110W product page link
XZVG68W-2 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDXZVG68W-2LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMD108814 - Immediate
XZVG68W-2 product page link
XZMYK53W-8 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMDXZMYK53W-8LED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMD21428 - Immediate
XZMYK53W-8 product page link
XZVG53W-8 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDXZVG53W-8LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD20806 - Immediate
XZVG53W-8 product page link
XZM2CRK53W-8 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDXZM2CRK53W-8LED RED CLEAR 0603 SMD4690 - Immediate
XZM2CRK53W-8 product page link
XZM2MOK53W-8 datasheet linkLED ORANGE CLEAR 0603 SMDXZM2MOK53W-8LED ORANGE CLEAR 0603 SMD2310 - Immediate
XZM2MOK53W-8 product page link
XZM2ACY53W-8 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMDXZM2ACY53W-8LED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMD24091 - Immediate
XZM2ACY53W-8 product page link
XZVG53W-3 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDXZVG53W-3LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD8274 - Immediate
XZVG53W-3 product page link
XZDGK53W-8 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDXZDGK53W-8LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD11749 - Immediate
XZDGK53W-8 product page link
XZDGK53W-6 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDXZDGK53W-6LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD2131 - Immediate
XZDGK53W-6 product page link
XZMDK53W-3 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDXZMDK53W-3LED RED CLEAR 0603 SMD1785 - Immediate
XZMDK53W-3 product page link
XZMYK53W-3 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMDXZMYK53W-3LED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMD1332 - Immediate
XZMYK53W-3 product page link
XZVGT53W-6 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDXZVGT53W-6LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD1252 - Immediate
XZVGT53W-6 product page link
XZMYKT53W-6 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMDXZMYKT53W-6LED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMD313 - Immediate
XZMYKT53W-6 product page link
XZCBDMDKDG62W-2 datasheet linkLED RGB CLEAR 0605 SMDXZCBDMDKDG62W-2LED RGB CLEAR 0605 SMD0XZCBDMDKDG62W-2 product page link
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Published: 2016-02-15