0805 Dome Lens SMD LED

SunLED's XZxx54W-8 LED series provides a narrow viewing angle of 30° to 40°

Image of SunLED's 0805 Dome Lens SMD LEDSunLED adds to its portfolio of dome lens solutions with the 0805 SMD, providing engineers with an industry standard footprint with superior performance. Dome lens SMD LEDs have been an increasingly popular choice in various designs across multiple platforms and industries. Compared to traditional flat lens LEDs, dome lens LEDs provide a narrow viewing angle which serves the dual purpose of increasing intensity output and eliminating potential light bleeding issues.

SunLED's XZxx54W-8 0805 dome lens SMD LED series provides a narrow viewing angle of 30° to 40° (depending on color selection), which increases intensity output by up to 700% compared to traditional flat lens type. This makes the series exceptionally cost-effective and an excellent choice for a multitude of applications. A full spectrum of colors is available.

  • Dome lens provides narrow viewing angle of 30° to 40°
  • Up to 700% increased intensity over traditional flat lens
  • Industry standard 0805 footprint: 2.0 mm x 1.25 mm x 1.05 mm
  • Low current: 20 mA operation
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL): 3
  • Light pipe applications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Icon and text backlighting
  • Mobile devices and handheld products
  • Home automation
  • Safety and security
  • Instrumentation
  • White goods
  • Audio and video
  • Medical and healthcare

0805 Dome Lens SMD LED

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorVoltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ)Viewing AngleAvailable QuantityView Details
XZMYK54W-8 datasheet link2.0X1.2MM YELLOW PIXSOLED DOME SXZMYK54W-82.0X1.2MM YELLOW PIXSOLED DOME SYellow2V40°3050 - Immediate
XZMYK54W-8 product page link
XZMOK54W-8 datasheet link2.0X1.2MM ORANGE PIXSOLED DOME SXZMOK54W-82.0X1.2MM ORANGE PIXSOLED DOME SOrange2.1V40°2990 - Immediate
XZMOK54W-8 product page link
XZMDK54W-8 datasheet link2.0X1.2MM RED PIXSOLED DOME SMDXZMDK54W-82.0X1.2MM RED PIXSOLED DOME SMDRed1.95V40°2955 - Immediate
XZMDK54W-8 product page link
XZVG54W-8 datasheet link2.0X1.2MM GREEN PIXSOLED DOME SMXZVG54W-82.0X1.2MM GREEN PIXSOLED DOME SMGreen2.1V40°2975 - Immediate
XZVG54W-8 product page link
XZDGK54W-8 datasheet link2.0X1.2MM TRUE GREEN PIXSOLED DOXZDGK54W-82.0X1.2MM TRUE GREEN PIXSOLED DOGreen3.3V30°1080 - Immediate
XZDGK54W-8 product page link
XZM2CYK54WA-8 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0805 SMDXZM2CYK54WA-8LED YELLOW CLEAR 0805 SMDYellow2V40°2350 - Immediate
XZM2CYK54WA-8 product page link
XZFBB54W-8 datasheet link2.0X1.2MM BLUE PIXSOLED DOME SMDXZFBB54W-82.0X1.2MM BLUE PIXSOLED DOME SMDBlue3.3V30°2153 - Immediate
XZFBB54W-8 product page link
XZM2CRK54WA-8 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0805 SMDXZM2CRK54WA-8LED RED CLEAR 0805 SMDRed2.2V40°1240 - Immediate
XZM2CRK54WA-8 product page link
XZCBD54W-8 datasheet link2.0X1.2MM BLUE PIXSOLED DOME SMDXZCBD54W-82.0X1.2MM BLUE PIXSOLED DOME SMDBlue3.3V30°51 - Immediate
XZCBD54W-8 product page link
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Published: 2018-03-14