STM8S-Discovery Development Board

STMicroelectronics unveils its STM8S-Discovery development board – the cheapest and quickest way to discover the STM8S

Image of STMicroelectronics' STM8S-Discovery Development BoardThe STM8S-Discovery kit from STMicroelectronics is an ideal tool for development, education, promotion and sampling. Once connected to the PC, the STM8S105C6T6 sample is connected through the ST-LINK using the SWIM interface in order to exchange data between the IDE or the programmer (STDV or STVP) and the targeted device.

The non-intrusive debug module embedded in each STM8 device as well as the single wire debug interface will be advantageously demonstrated while building and running the demonstration software. Each example is proposed with the schematic, guidelines, the executable, and source codes ready to build with basic components commonly found in electronics labs.

From the In-circuit debugger to the C compiler with various software libraries available, online support is offered through the STM8 Forum, where moderators and users will help to realize the application.

The STM8S-Discovery kit is the quickest way to explore the device functionalities, create its own application, and demonstrate a function. Once programmed, the device can be separated from the debugger circuit and connected inside the designed application.

Features Benefits
  • STM8S105C microcontroller
  • Self powered by USB cable between PC and STM8S-Discovery
  • Selectable power supply voltage: 5 V or 3.3 V for user's application
  • Embedded STLink for the STM8S
    • USB interface for programming and debugging
  • SWIM debug support
  • Touch sensing interface
  • Wrapping area for user’s own application
  • Uses the most common STM8S reference, with 32 Kb of Flash, E²Data and 48 pins
  • Immediate plug-and-play demonstration
  • Adapts the demo to the future application environment
  • Non-intrusive debug with the in-circuit debugger present on STM8S-Discovery
  • Detach the debugger to run the application
  • Single wire interface is always available for software upgrade
  • Extend the Demo with STMicroelectronics' suggested hardware

STM8S-Discovery Development Board

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STM8S-DISCOVERY product page link

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Published: 2013-03-12