ACST Series 800 V AC Switches

STMicroelectronics’ rugged alternative to conventional Triacs

Image of STMicroelectronics' ACST Series 800V AC SwitchesSTMicroelectronics' overvoltage protected AC switches devices are a rugged alternative to conventional Triacs for appliance and industrial applications. These AC switches embed a Triac structure and a high voltage clamping device that is able to absorb the inductive turn-off energy and withstand line transient voltages. This expanded series has VRRM range increased from 700 V to 800 V, spanning the current range from 4 A to 16 A.

Features (Versus Standard Triacs)

  • Improved commutating dV/dt
  • Improved commutating dI/dt
  • Enable appliances to meet IEC 61000-4-4 and -4-5 standards
  • Overvoltage protection is built in
  • Sensitive gate option allows direct drive from microcontroller
  • Full range of packages: DPAK, D²PAK, TO-220, TO-220FP


  • Washing machine drum motor control
  • Refrigerator compressor control
  • Dishwasher pump motor control
  • Industrial systems-medium power loads

ACST Series 800 V AC Switches

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ACST410-8BTR datasheet linkTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 4A DPAKACST410-8BTRTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 4A DPAK40904 - Immediate
ACST410-8BTR product page link
ACST610-8T datasheet linkTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 6A TO220ABACST610-8TTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 6A TO220AB8505 - Immediate
ACST610-8T product page link
ACST610-8FP datasheet linkTRIAC SENS GATE 800V TO220FPABACST610-8FPTRIAC SENS GATE 800V TO220FPAB1015 - Immediate
ACST610-8FP product page link
ACST1635-8FP datasheet linkTRIAC 800V 16A TO220FPABACST1635-8FPTRIAC 800V 16A TO220FPAB634 - Immediate
ACST1635-8FP product page link
ACST1010-7FP datasheet linkTRIAC SENS GATE 700V TO220FPABACST1010-7FPTRIAC SENS GATE 700V TO220FPAB962 - Immediate
ACST1010-7FP product page link
ACST610-8GTR datasheet linkTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 6A D2PAKACST610-8GTRTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 6A D2PAK551 - Immediate
ACST610-8GTR product page link
ACST830-8GTR datasheet linkTRIAC 800V 8A D2PAKACST830-8GTRTRIAC 800V 8A D2PAK894 - Immediate
ACST830-8GTR product page link
ACST210-8BTR datasheet linkTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 2A DPAKACST210-8BTRTRIAC SENS GATE 800V 2A DPAK3 - Immediate
ACST210-8BTR product page link
ACST435-8BTR datasheet linkTRIAC 800V 4A DPAKACST435-8BTRTRIAC 800V 4A DPAK0ACST435-8BTR product page link
ACST410-8FP datasheet linkTRIAC SENS GATE 800V TO220FPABACST410-8FPTRIAC SENS GATE 800V TO220FPAB0ACST410-8FP product page link
ACST1235-7T datasheet linkTRIAC 700V 12A TO220ABACST1235-7TTRIAC 700V 12A TO220AB0ACST1235-7T product page link
Published: 2013-03-07