RNV Series of Thru Hole Resistors

High voltage anti moisture metal film thru hole resistors from Stackpole Electronics

Image of Stackpole Electronics' RNV Series of Thru Hole ResistorsStackpole’s RNV series of thru hole resistors offer outstanding high voltage surge handling; up to 7 KV for 50 surges per IEC 60065.14.1. In addition, the RNV can withstand harsh environments with very high humidity without significant resistance shift. This robust metal film resistor can also endure prolonged exposure to high temperatures, such as during a high temperature potting process, with no adverse effects on the stability or long term reliability of the device. The RNV is currently available in a ¼ watt size with maximum working voltage of 1600 VDC and maximum overload voltage of 3200 VDC.

The RNV is a popular choice for video monitors, TVs, and displays. This component is also a good choice for medical equipment, electronic ballasts for commercial and industrial lighting, and a wide range of power supply and control applications, power inverters, and AC adaptors.


  • High surge handling per IEC60065.14.1 up to 7 KV, 50 times
  • Excellent stability and reliability in high moisture environments
  • Able to withstand 200°C temperatures for several hours with no long term stability or reliability effects
  • Available in tolerances as low as 1%
  • TCR = ± 200 ppm
  • Resistance range from 100 K to 10 MΩ

RNV Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
RNV14FAL1M50 datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 1.5M OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL1M50RES MF HV .25W 1.5M OHM 1% AXIAL62528 - Immediate
RNV14FAL1M50 product page link
RNV14FAL1M00 datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 1M OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL1M00RES MF HV .25W 1M OHM 1% AXIAL56840 - Immediate
RNV14FAL1M00 product page link
RNV14FAL330K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 330K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL330KRES MF HV .25W 330K OHM 1% AXIAL54559 - Immediate
RNV14FAL330K product page link
RNV14FAL15M0 datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 15M OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL15M0RES MF HV .25W 15M OHM 1% AXIAL22736 - Immediate
RNV14FAL15M0 product page link
RNV14FAL10M0 datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 10M OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL10M0RES MF HV .25W 10M OHM 1% AXIAL6701 - Immediate
RNV14FAL10M0 product page link
RNV14FAL100K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 100K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL100KRES MF HV .25W 100K OHM 1% AXIAL2919 - Immediate
RNV14FAL100K product page link
RNV14FAL2M00 datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 2M OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL2M00RES MF HV .25W 2M OHM 1% AXIAL2338 - Immediate
RNV14FAL2M00 product page link
RNV14FAL3M90 datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 3.9M OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL3M90RES MF HV .25W 3.9M OHM 1% AXIAL2220 - Immediate
RNV14FAL3M90 product page link
RNV14FAL4M70 datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 4.7M OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL4M70RES MF HV .25W 4.7M OHM 1% AXIAL2758 - Immediate
RNV14FAL4M70 product page link
RNV14FAL910K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 910K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL910KRES MF HV .25W 910K OHM 1% AXIAL17791 - Immediate
RNV14FAL910K product page link
RNV14FAL270K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 270K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL270KRES MF HV .25W 270K OHM 1% AXIAL5275 - Immediate
RNV14FAL270K product page link
RNV14FAL220K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 220K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL220KRES MF HV .25W 220K OHM 1% AXIAL3121 - Immediate
RNV14FAL220K product page link
RNV14FAL820K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 820K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL820KRES MF HV .25W 820K OHM 1% AXIAL7103 - Immediate
RNV14FAL820K product page link
RNV14FAL130K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 130K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL130KRES MF HV .25W 130K OHM 1% AXIAL2952 - Immediate
RNV14FAL130K product page link
RNV14FAL160K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 160K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL160KRES MF HV .25W 160K OHM 1% AXIAL2751 - Immediate
RNV14FAL160K product page link
RNV14FAL360K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 360K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL360KRES MF HV .25W 360K OHM 1% AXIAL2980 - Immediate
RNV14FAL360K product page link
RNV14FAL430K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 430K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL430KRES MF HV .25W 430K OHM 1% AXIAL2104 - Immediate
RNV14FAL430K product page link
RNV14FAL470K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 470K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL470KRES MF HV .25W 470K OHM 1% AXIAL3029 - Immediate
RNV14FAL470K product page link
RNV14FAL200K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 200K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL200KRES MF HV .25W 200K OHM 1% AXIAL2446 - Immediate
RNV14FAL200K product page link
RNV14FAL620K datasheet linkRES MF HV .25W 620K OHM 1% AXIALRNV14FAL620KRES MF HV .25W 620K OHM 1% AXIAL1949 - Immediate
RNV14FAL620K product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29