RNF General Purpose and Precision Metal Film Resistors

Stackpole's RNF series is an axial, leaded series of resistors

Image of Stackpole Electronics' RNF General Purpose and Precision Metal Film ResistorsStackpole's RNF series resistors are axial leaded, employing metal-film resistive technology. The RNF offers better electrical stability, better tolerance, and lower TCR than carbon film, carbon comp, ceramic comp, and metal glaze technology resistors. It also offers lower inductance and comparable precision than wirewound technology resistors.

The RNF is a good solution for almost any axial leaded resistor application with power requirements below 2 watts.

Typical Applications

  • Test equipment and instrumentation
  • Metering
  • Precision controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting controls
  • Precision HVAC controls
  • Security monitoring and control
  • Small motor controls
  • Automotive controls
  • Garage door openers
  • Wireless communications infrastructure
  • Electronic scales
  • Railroad controls
  • Audio applications
  • Aerospace instrumentation

  • Low electrical noise
  • Tolerances as low as 0.05%
  • TCR as low as 10 ppm / C°
  • Resistance value range from 1 ohm up to 22 Mohm
  • Power ratings from 1/8 watt up to 1/2 watt; higher power ratings available
  • Outstanding stability under a wide range of electrical and environmental stresses

RNF Series Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPower (Watts)Available QuantityView Details
RES 10 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD10R0RES 10 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W85955 - ImmediateView Details
RES 2.55K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD2K55RES 2.55K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W10088 - ImmediateView Details
RES 820 OHM 1/8W 2% AXIALRNF18GTD820RRES 820 OHM 1/8W 2% AXIAL0.125W, 1/8W3140 - ImmediateView Details
RES 221K OHM 1/2W 1% AXIALRNF12FTD221KRES 221K OHM 1/2W 1% AXIAL0.5W, 1/2W4123 - ImmediateView Details
RES 6.81K OHM 1/2W 1% AXIALRNF12FAD6K81RES 6.81K OHM 1/2W 1% AXIAL0.5W, 1/2W3996 - ImmediateView Details
RES 2.67K OHM 1/4W .1% AXIALRNF14BTE2K67RES 2.67K OHM 1/4W .1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W7949 - ImmediateView Details
RES 56.2K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD56K2RES 56.2K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W8841 - ImmediateView Details
RES 1.82K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD1K82RES 1.82K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W6448 - ImmediateView Details
RES 115K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD115KRES 115K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W7191 - ImmediateView Details
RES 2.87K OHM 1/2W 1% AXIALRNF12FTD2K87RES 2.87K OHM 1/2W 1% AXIAL0.5W, 1/2W3697 - ImmediateView Details
RES 21K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD21K0RES 21K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W4926 - ImmediateView Details
RES 232 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD232RRES 232 OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W4589 - ImmediateView Details
RES 1.58K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD1K58RES 1.58K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W3702 - ImmediateView Details
RES 169K OHM 1/8W 1% AXIALRNF18FTD169KRES 169K OHM 1/8W 1% AXIAL0.125W, 1/8W2978 - ImmediateView Details
RES 226K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD226KRES 226K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W2699 - ImmediateView Details
RES 200K OHM 1/8W 1% AXIALRNF18FAD200KRES 200K OHM 1/8W 1% AXIAL0.125W, 1/8W2565 - ImmediateView Details
RES 76.8K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD76K8RES 76.8K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W2316 - ImmediateView Details
RES 59K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD59K0RES 59K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W0View Details
RES 27K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FTD27K0RES 27K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W0View Details
RES 6.19K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIALRNF14FAD6K19RES 6.19K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL0.25W, 1/4W0View Details
Published: 2013-09-04