HVC Series High Voltage Chip Resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announces their HVC series of high voltage chip resistors which offer resistance values up to 10 Gigohms

Image of Stackpole Electronics' HVC Series High Voltage Chip ResistorsStackpole Electronics, Inc. announces their HVC series of high voltage chip resistors which offer resistance values up to 10 Gigohms. This series has been optimized for absolute voltage ratings which are significantly higher than the previous voltage ratings. These higher absolute maximum voltage ratings are key for applications where the terminals of the part will be isolated from each other, usually with some type of potting compound. The HVC series also has the capability for 0.5% tolerance and 25 ppm/°C TCR.

Medical Uses Industrial Uses
  • Defibrillators
  • Radiography equipment
  • X-ray imaging
  • Blood analyzers
  • Electro static/ionization
  • Fluid measuring equipment
  • Photocopiers
  • Electron beam processing

HVC Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistanceToleranceAvailable QuantityView Details
HVCB2512FKC499K datasheet linkRES 499K OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FKC499KRES 499K OHM 1% 2W 2512499 kOhms±1%15035 - Immediate
HVCB2512FKC499K product page link
HVCB2512FKC1M00 datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FKC1M00RES 1M OHM 1% 2W 25121 MOhms±1%13818 - Immediate
HVCB2512FKC1M00 product page link
HVCB2512FKC10M0 datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FKC10M0RES 10M OHM 1% 2W 251210 MOhms±1%12566 - Immediate
HVCB2512FKC10M0 product page link
HVCB2512FKC100K datasheet linkRES 100K OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FKC100KRES 100K OHM 1% 2W 2512100 kOhms±1%11224 - Immediate
HVCB2512FKC100K product page link
HVCB2512FKC20M0 datasheet linkRES 20M OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FKC20M0RES 20M OHM 1% 2W 251220 MOhms±1%8426 - Immediate
HVCB2512FKC20M0 product page link
HVCB2512FKC100M datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FKC100MRES 100M OHM 1% 2W 2512100 MOhms±1%6423 - Immediate
HVCB2512FKC100M product page link
HVCB2512FDD3M00 datasheet linkRES 3M OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FDD3M00RES 3M OHM 1% 2W 25123 MOhms±1%6444 - Immediate
HVCB2512FDD3M00 product page link
HVCB2512FDD50K0 datasheet linkRES 50K OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FDD50K0RES 50K OHM 1% 2W 251250 kOhms±1%580 - Immediate
HVCB2512FDD50K0 product page link
HVCB2512FKC1G00 datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 1% 2W 2512HVCB2512FKC1G00RES 1G OHM 1% 2W 25121 GOhms±1%2115 - Immediate
HVCB2512FKC1G00 product page link
HVCB2512BDE10M0 datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 0.1% 2W 2512HVCB2512BDE10M0RES 10M OHM 0.1% 2W 251210 MOhms±0.1%791 - Immediate
HVCB2512BDE10M0 product page link
HVCB1206FKC1M00 datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 1% 1/3W 1206HVCB1206FKC1M00RES 1M OHM 1% 1/3W 12061 MOhms±1%32957 - Immediate
HVCB1206FKC1M00 product page link
HVCB1206FKC10M0 datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 1% 1/3W 1206HVCB1206FKC10M0RES 10M OHM 1% 1/3W 120610 MOhms±1%25271 - Immediate
HVCB1206FKC10M0 product page link
HVCB1206FKC10K0 datasheet linkRES 10K OHM 1% 1/3W 1206HVCB1206FKC10K0RES 10K OHM 1% 1/3W 120610 kOhms±1%3463 - Immediate
HVCB1206FKC10K0 product page link
HVCB2010FKC10M0 datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 1% 1W 2010HVCB2010FKC10M0RES 10M OHM 1% 1W 201010 MOhms±1%19419 - Immediate
HVCB2010FKC10M0 product page link
HVCB2010FKC1M00 datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 1% 1W 2010HVCB2010FKC1M00RES 1M OHM 1% 1W 20101 MOhms±1%3560 - Immediate
HVCB2010FKC1M00 product page link
HVCB0805KDL1G00 datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 10% 1/5W 0805HVCB0805KDL1G00RES 1G OHM 10% 1/5W 08051 GOhms±10%1535 - Immediate
HVCB0805KDL1G00 product page link
HVCB1206JDD500M datasheet linkRES 500M OHM 5% 1/3W 1206HVCB1206JDD500MRES 500M OHM 5% 1/3W 1206500 MOhms±5%528 - Immediate
HVCB1206JDD500M product page link
HVCB0603FDD20M0 datasheet linkRES 20M OHM 1% 0.06W 0603HVCB0603FDD20M0RES 20M OHM 1% 0.06W 060320 MOhms±1%8142 - Immediate
HVCB0603FDD20M0 product page link
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Published: 2009-03-24