Stackpole Electronics’ Ultra Precision Current Sensing Chip Resistors

Image of Stackpole Electronics' CSS/CSSH SeriesStackpole Electronics' CSS/CSSH series of ultra-stable metal element current sense resistors are available in chip sizes from 1206 to 2728 and power ratings from 0.5 W to 4 W. The all-metal construction eliminates problems with part or solder-joint cracking, which are often a concern for larger chip sizes. This series is capable of resistance tolerances down to 0.5% and TCRs down to 15 PPM. This ensures precise power management over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

The CSS/CSSH series is designed for high current, high power, high temperature, and high precision current sensing requirements. The metal plate element and unique trimming process yields a highly stable device at high currents and is capable of operation at full rated power up to 100°C. The CSS/CSSH series allows operation up to temperatures of 275°C. In addition, market drivers for 1 W and higher current sense resistors continue to push for lower resistance values. The CSS/CSSH series is available in resistance values down to 0.25 mΩ.


  • High power metal alloy current sense resistor
  • Very low inductance (0.5 nH to 5 nH)
  • High temperature performance: up to 275°C
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Low thermal EMF (<1 μV/C)
  • Proprietary processing technique produces extremely low resistance values
  • Lead-free

CSS Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistanceAvailable QuantityView Details
CSS2725FT1L00 datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 1% 4W 2725CSS2725FT1L00RES 0.001 OHM 1% 4W 27251 mOhms8460 - Immediate
CSS2725FT1L00 product page link
CSS2725FT2L00 datasheet linkRES 0.002 OHM 1% 4W 2725CSS2725FT2L00RES 0.002 OHM 1% 4W 27252 mOhms3297 - Immediate
CSS2725FT2L00 product page link
CSS2725FT3L00 datasheet linkRES 0.003 OHM 1% 4W 2725CSS2725FT3L00RES 0.003 OHM 1% 4W 27253 mOhms2938 - Immediate
CSS2725FT3L00 product page link
CSS2725FTL250 datasheet linkRES SMD 250 UOHM 1% 4W 2725CSS2725FTL250RES SMD 250 UOHM 1% 4W 2725250 µOhms33530 - Immediate
CSS2725FTL250 product page link
CSS2725FTL500 datasheet linkRES SMD 500 UOHM 1% 4W 2725CSS2725FTL500RES SMD 500 UOHM 1% 4W 2725500 µOhms0CSS2725FTL500 product page link

CSSH Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistanceAvailable QuantityView Details
CSSH2728FT50L0 datasheet linkRES 0.05 OHM 4W 2827 WIDECSSH2728FT50L0RES 0.05 OHM 4W 2827 WIDE50 mOhms80589 - Immediate
CSSH2728FT50L0 product page link
CSSH2728FT5L00 datasheet linkRES 0.005 OHM 4W 2827 WIDECSSH2728FT5L00RES 0.005 OHM 4W 2827 WIDE5 mOhms8798 - Immediate
CSSH2728FT5L00 product page link
CSSH2728FT10L0 datasheet linkRES 0.01 OHM 4W 2827 WIDECSSH2728FT10L0RES 0.01 OHM 4W 2827 WIDE10 mOhms5728 - Immediate
CSSH2728FT10L0 product page link
CSSH2728FT20L0 datasheet linkRES 0.02 OHM 4W 2728 WIDECSSH2728FT20L0RES 0.02 OHM 4W 2728 WIDE20 mOhms5982 - Immediate
CSSH2728FT20L0 product page link
CSSH2728FT4L00 datasheet linkRES 0.004 OHM 4W 2827 WIDECSSH2728FT4L00RES 0.004 OHM 4W 2827 WIDE4 mOhms2709 - Immediate
CSSH2728FT4L00 product page link
CSSH2728FT25L0 datasheet linkRES 0.025 OHM 4W 2827 WIDECSSH2728FT25L0RES 0.025 OHM 4W 2827 WIDE25 mOhms2509 - Immediate
CSSH2728FT25L0 product page link
CSSH2728FT30L0 datasheet linkRES 0.03 OHM 4W 2827 WIDECSSH2728FT30L0RES 0.03 OHM 4W 2827 WIDE30 mOhms2120 - Immediate
CSSH2728FT30L0 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29