EK-P4 Evaluation Board for SDP3x Pressure Sensors

Sensirion's EK-P4 evaluation board allows for the gathering of measurable data for SDP3x pressure sensors

Image of Sensirion EK-P4 Evaluation BoardThe evaluation kit EK-P4 is designed for an easy and cost-efficient evaluation and qualification of Sensirion's SDP3x differential pressure sensors. The sensor provides highest accuracy and long-term stability especially at the lowest pressure differences.

The evaluation kit consists of a USB stick connected to a PCB on which an SDP3x differential pressure sensor is already attached. The included flow element can be easily affixed to the kit with two screws and then directly connected to the gas flow. Detailed information about the flow element can be found in the application note.

The EK-P4 viewer software, the SDP3x datasheet, and a quick start guide can be downloaded from Sensirion's website. The viewer software shows the measured differential pressure using a graph. It allows simple data logging and the export of measurement data in the form of an Excel list. The software is easy to install on a personal computer. No further calibration of the sensor is necessary.

Features Contents
  • Fast and reliable evaluation and qualification (for a reduced time-to-market) 
  • Easy handling with a Windows PC
  • High-performance measurements thanks to SDP3x differential pressure sensor
  • 1 USB stick with adapter cable
  • 1 SDP3x differential pressure sensor on PCB
  • 1 flow element

EK-P4 Evaluation Board

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Published: 2017-06-08

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