ODYSSEY STM32MP157C System-On-Module + Carrier Single Board Computer

Seeed’s ODYSSEY STM32MP157C can be used to evaluate and deploy the SOM using a Raspberry Pi compatible form factor

Image of Seeed's ODYSSEY STM32MP157C SoM + Carrier Form Factor Single Board Computer for Fast PrototypingSeeed’s ODYSSEY STM32MP157C single board computer is based on the STM32MP157C, a dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A7 core processor operating at 650 MHz. The processor integrates an Arm Cortex-M4 coprocessor, which makes it suitable for real-time tasks. The ODYSSEY STM32MP157C is created in the form of a system-on-module (SOM) plus a carrier board. The SOM consists of an MPU, PMIC, RAM, and the carrier board is a Raspberry Pi form factor. The carrier board includes all the necessary peripherals, including Gigabyte Ethernet, Wi-Fi/BLE, DC power, USB hosts, USB-C, MIPI-DSI, DVP for camera, and audio. With this board, customers can evaluate the SOM and deploy it on their own carrier board easily and quickly.

  • Dual-core Arm Cortex-A7 core processor with Cortex-M4 integrated
  • SOM includes MPU, PMIC, and RAM
  • Raspberry Pi 40-pin compatible carrier board
  • Compact size and powerful
  • Open-source hardware/SDK/API/BSP/OS
  • Industrial
    • CAN-Ethernet gateways
  • White goods
    • Refrigerators
    • Microwaves
  • Medical
    • Data loggers
  • High-end wearables
    • VR devices
  • Smart home devices

ODYSSEY STM32MP157C SOM + Carrier Form Factor Single Board Computer for Fast Prototyping

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Published: 2020-03-26