Microsoft IoT Grove Kit

Windows 10 IoT Core kit for Raspberry Pi from Microsoft and Seeed

Image of Seeed's Microsoft IoT Grove KitBuilding up an IoT project on a Raspberry Pi has never been an easy job for most developers. It has always involved messy hardware connections and complicated software programming, but it will not be a problem anymore as Seeed and Microsoft have worked together to introduce their Microsoft IoT Grove Kit.

The GrovePi+ cape included in the kit is fully compatible with a Raspberry Pi B/B+/A+/2/3 that runs the Windows 10 IoT core for rapid maker projects. With the GrovePi+, the gap between the powerful Raspberry Pi and the easy-to-use Grove system has truly been filled. Users are now able to connect up to fifteen Grove modules to their Raspberry Pi simply through the Grove interfaces on the GrovePi+ and then start their journey of Internet of Things exploration.

The kit not only provides high performance Grove sensors and actuators, but also contains a 5 inch HDMI display and an RGB LCD with backlight that can be used to display information as needed.

There are very detailed tutorials available on to help users get started with their IoT projects easily and quickly.

NOTE: This kit does not include the Raspberry Pi board. Please see below to purchase separately.

Kit Contents  
Image of Seeed's Microsoft IoT Grove Kit

Microsoft IoT Grove Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
110060482 datasheet linkMICROSOFT IOT GROVE KIT110060482MICROSOFT IOT GROVE KIT248 - Immediate
110060482 product page link

Associated Contents

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
103010002 datasheet linkGROVE PI+ BOARD103010002GROVE PI+ BOARD19 - Immediate
103010002 product page link
104990243 datasheet link5 INCH HDMI DISPLAY WITH USB TOU1049902435 INCH HDMI DISPLAY WITH USB TOU52 - Immediate
104990243 product page link
103020005 datasheet linkGROVE RELAY103020005GROVE RELAY175 - Immediate
103020005 product page link
101020011 datasheet linkGROVE TEMP/HUMIDITY SENSOR101020011GROVE TEMP/HUMIDITY SENSOR194 - Immediate
101020011 product page link
101020010 datasheet linkGROVE ULTRASONIC RANGER101020010GROVE ULTRASONIC RANGER46 - Immediate
101020010 product page link
104020006 datasheet linkGROVE LED BAR V2.0104020006GROVE LED BAR V2.069 - Immediate
104020006 product page link
101020048 datasheet linkGROVE ROTARY ANGLE SENSOR(P)101020048GROVE ROTARY ANGLE SENSOR(P)17 - Immediate
101020048 product page link
107020000 datasheet linkGROVE BUZZER107020000GROVE BUZZER56 - Immediate
107020000 product page link
101020023 datasheet linkGROVE SOUND SENSOR101020023GROVE SOUND SENSOR49 - Immediate
101020023 product page link
101020003 datasheet linkGROVE BUTTON101020003GROVE BUTTON347 - Immediate
101020003 product page link
104030001 datasheet linkGROVE LCD RGB BACKLIGHT104030001GROVE LCD RGB BACKLIGHT55 - Immediate
104030001 product page link
FLAT HDMI MALE CABLE 1M109990056FLAT HDMI MALE CABLE 1M0109990056 product page link
MICRO USB CABLE 48CM321010007MICRO USB CABLE 48CM0321010007 product page link
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Published: 2016-08-08