EM Eye Meter

SCS and Digi-Key offer a versatile solution for EMI, RF, and ESD detection

Image of SCS' EM Eye MeterSCS has developed the EM Eye Meter, which is one of the smallest and most versatile instruments for measuring EM fields, RF signals, and ESD events. Each signal is detected by a sensor that is connected to the EM Eye Meter. This meter allows engineers to expand their instrumentation at a lower cost because individual sensors can be purchased without having to buy a completely new instrument. Weighing just 9¾ oz, the EM Eye Meter can literally fit in the palm of a hand or in a shirt pocket. Also, the touch screen and color display make this instrument very easy to use.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Measurement - By simply placing the EMF sensor head into the EM Eye Meter base, the EM Eye Meter transforms into a dedicated EMF meter, a power density meter, and an EIRP meter. The EM Eye Meter detects and measures high frequency electric fields that may be present in equipment, tools, and circuit boards or in any process in a manufacturing area. The EM Eye Meter also measures high frequency electric fields from mobile phones, over-the-air TV signals, wireless LANs, and any other source generating fields within its specification.

The EM Eye Meter comes with a miniature directional antenna and can calculate several parameters from one signal. The directional antenna reduces the influence of ambient electromagnetic fields when measuring emissions coming from the specific source. So whether being used in the fields of product design, mobile phones, TV signals or wireless LAN, the portable EM Eye Meter is a helpful and important part of any toolbox.

RF Signal Sensor - The EM Eye Meter, with the replacement RF sensor head, is capable of measuring RF signals. Usually used by radio communications designers and engineers, the EM Eye Meter will be able to provide readouts of RF signal voltages. The EM Eye Meter offers exceptional sensitivity and linearity.

ESD Events Detection - The EM Eye Meter is capable of detecting ESD events in most HBM, CDM, and MM models. It is capable of rejecting non-ESD related events, making analysis easier. The meter is easy to operate and can be used by almost anyone who is involved with ESD. It provides information on estimated discharge voltages at a specific location, what time it occurred, and how many discharges have occurred. The meter’s small size allows it to be used in tight locations inside the tools or in a wider area of interest. For extended temperature environments, the EM Eye Meter uses an optional remote antenna, which will work under most conditions. All information is recorded on an SD™ card for easy review and retrieval of data.

  • ESD events
    • Detects ESD events and locates their sources
    • Measures the magnitude of individual ESD events
    • Counts ESD events
    • Logs ESD events with their magnitude and time/date stamp for generating ESD environment diagrams and records
    • Lets you listen to ESD event "crackles" via internal speaker or optional headphones
  • RF signals
    • Broad frequency range (1 MHz to 2.5 GHz)
    • Wide dynamic range
  • Electromagnetic fields
    • Measures electromagnetic field strength over a wide dynamic range
    • Measures both continuous and pulsed fields
    • Measures field strength and power density
    • Measures EIRP of a transmitter
    • Locates sources of EMI
  • ESD events
    • ESD audit and survey
    • ESD environment diagnostics
    • Data logging for ESD reports and for statistical analysis
  • RF signals
    • Product design
    • R and D
    • Service, repair and maintenance of RF equipment
  • Electromagnetic fields
    • EMC diagnostics
    • Antenna installation and maintenance
    • Telecommunications (CW, TDMA/GSM/DECT)
    • RF Safety
    • Diagnostics of power equipment
    • Interference analysis
    • Site survey

EM Eye Meter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeUsageAvailable Quantity
EM EYE METER WITH ESD SENSORCTM048-21EM EYE METER WITH ESD SENSORStatic MeterDetecting, Counting ESD Events2 - ImmediateView Details
EM EYE METER WITH RF SENSORCTM048-29EM EYE METER WITH RF SENSOREye Meter with RF SensorField Testing2 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2013-12-16