Long Life Fans

Sanyo Denki presents a cooling fan with a maximum of 200,000 hours of expected life

Image of Sanyo Denki Long Life FansWith the longest L10 life rating in the industry, Sanyo Denki's long-life fans provide the best combination of high performance and durability. This fan series utilizes a variety of design enhancements to increase the L10 life rating of the fan by up to 5 times. The long-life fans are available in sizes from 40 mm x 28 mm up to 172 mm x 51 mm and range from 100,000 hours of life at 60°C to 200,000 hours at 60°C. For extra-rugged applications, Sanyo Denki even offers long-life fans with IP68 ingress protection ratings.

Features Applications
  • Extended L10 life rating
  • Aluminum frame
  • Wide range of sizes
  • High performance
  • Available with IP68 and PWM control
  • Products in difficult-to-service locations
  • High-reliability applications
  • Military products
  • Aviation products
  • Harsh environments

Video: San Ace L Long Life Fans

Long Life Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
109L0624S402 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0624S402FAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS205 - Immediate
109L0624S402 product page link
109L0612H402 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS109L0612H402FAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS151 - Immediate
109L0612H402 product page link
109L0824H401 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH109L0824H401FAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH212 - Immediate
109L0824H401 product page link
109L5748H501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 48VDC SDCUT RBLS109L5748H501FAN 172X51MM 48VDC SDCUT RBLS120 - Immediate
109L5748H501 product page link
9GL1212M101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH9GL1212M101FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH21 - Immediate
9GL1212M101 product page link
9GL1212F101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH9GL1212F101FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH20 - Immediate
9GL1212F101 product page link
9GL1224G102 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS9GL1224G102FAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS62 - Immediate
9GL1224G102 product page link
9GL1212G102 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS9GL1212G102FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS40 - Immediate
9GL1212G102 product page link
9GL1212G101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH9GL1212G101FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH63 - Immediate
9GL1212G101 product page link
109L0624H402 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0624H402FAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS78 - Immediate
109L0624H402 product page link
109L0612G401 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0612G401FAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH69 - Immediate
109L0612G401 product page link
109L0612S401 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0612S401FAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH62 - Immediate
109L0612S401 product page link
109L0824H402 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0824H402FAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS27 - Immediate
109L0824H402 product page link
109L0812S401 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0812S401FAN 80X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH29 - Immediate
109L0812S401 product page link
109L0824S401 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH109L0824S401FAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH20 - Immediate
109L0824S401 product page link
109L0924H402 datasheet linkFAN 92X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0924H402FAN 92X25MM 24VDC RBLS19 - Immediate
109L0924H402 product page link
109L0912H401 datasheet linkFAN 92X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0912H401FAN 92X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH34 - Immediate
109L0912H401 product page link
109L5724H501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 24VDC SDCUT RBLS109L5724H501FAN 172X51MM 24VDC SDCUT RBLS9 - Immediate
109L5724H501 product page link
9GL1212H101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH9GL1212H101FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH09GL1212H101 product page link
9GL1224G101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH9GL1224G101FAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH09GL1224G101 product page link
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Published: 2017-01-19