Long Life Fans

Sanyo Denki presents a cooling fan with a maximum of 200,000 hours of expected life

Image of Sanyo Denki Long Life FansWith the longest L10 life rating in the industry, Sanyo Denki's long-life fans provide the best combination of high performance and durability. This fan series utilizes a variety of design enhancements to increase the L10 life rating of the fan by up to 5 times. The long-life fans are available in sizes from 40 mm x 28 mm up to 172 mm x 51 mm and range from 100,000 hours of life at 60°C to 200,000 hours at 60°C. For extra-rugged applications, Sanyo Denki even offers long-life fans with IP68 ingress protection ratings.

Features Applications
  • Extended L10 life rating
  • Aluminum frame
  • Wide range of sizes
  • High performance
  • Available with IP68 and PWM control
  • Products in difficult-to-service locations
  • High-reliability applications
  • Military products
  • Aviation products
  • Harsh environments

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Long Life Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
109L0624S402 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0624S402FAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS183 - Immediate
109L0624S402 product page link
9GL1224G101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH9GL1224G101FAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH303 - Immediate
9GL1224G101 product page link
109L0612H402 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS109L0612H402FAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS124 - Immediate
109L0612H402 product page link
109L0824H401 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH109L0824H401FAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH212 - Immediate
109L0824H401 product page link
109L5748H501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 48VDC SDCUT RBLS109L5748H501FAN 172X51MM 48VDC SDCUT RBLS120 - Immediate
109L5748H501 product page link
109L1424H101 datasheet linkFAN 140X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH109L1424H101FAN 140X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH15 - Immediate
109L1424H101 product page link
9GL1212H101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH9GL1212H101FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH30 - Immediate
9GL1212H101 product page link
9GL1212F101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH9GL1212F101FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH20 - Immediate
9GL1212F101 product page link
9GL1224G102 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS9GL1224G102FAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS42 - Immediate
9GL1224G102 product page link
9GL1212G102 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS9GL1212G102FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS39 - Immediate
9GL1212G102 product page link
9GL1212G101 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH9GL1212G101FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH60 - Immediate
9GL1212G101 product page link
109L0624H402 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0624H402FAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS77 - Immediate
109L0624H402 product page link
109L0612G401 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0612G401FAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH69 - Immediate
109L0612G401 product page link
109L0612S401 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0612S401FAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH45 - Immediate
109L0612S401 product page link
109L0824H402 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0824H402FAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS22 - Immediate
109L0824H402 product page link
109L0812S401 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0812S401FAN 80X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH65 - Immediate
109L0812S401 product page link
109L0824S401 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH109L0824S401FAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH20 - Immediate
109L0824S401 product page link
109L0924H402 datasheet linkFAN 92X25MM 24VDC RBLS109L0924H402FAN 92X25MM 24VDC RBLS52 - Immediate
109L0924H402 product page link
109L0912H401 datasheet linkFAN 92X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH109L0912H401FAN 92X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH34 - Immediate
109L0912H401 product page link
109L5724H501 datasheet linkFAN 172X51MM 24VDC SDCUT RBLS109L5724H501FAN 172X51MM 24VDC SDCUT RBLS9 - Immediate
109L5724H501 product page link
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Published: 2017-01-19