Integrating the Latest Technology in the Ultimate Compact, Thin Package

Image of ROHM's PicoLEDROHM Supplier PageOur PicoLED features the same level of brightness as conventional chip LEDs, but in a package size 53% smaller in area and with 74% less volume than standard 0603-sized products. This makes the PicoLED ideal for use in high-density applications.

Available in a range of colors (red, orange, yellow, green), their low power consumption makes them ideal for compact portable, battery driven devices as well as small, thin, low-energy products such as 1.5 mm pitch high-density dot matrices and 0.2-inch font height seven-segment light sources, which were previously impossible to develop.

ROHM's PicoLED RGB SMLP34 and SMLP36 Series represent the industry's smallest, thinnest surface mount three-color LEDs. These ROHM LEDs are an ideal solution for designers seeking to minimize energy consumption and size while still receiving the benefit of full-color capabilities. The devices are available in a 1.0 mm X 1.0 mm or 1.0 mm X 1.5 mm package size and optimized for color indicator displays in mobile phones, illumination lighting for handheld gaming devices, and compact, full color dot matrix displays.


  • Ultra-compact (0.04 in ~ 0.02 in) - 53% smaller area and 74% less volume than conventional 0603 sized units
  • High-luminosity types offered in a range of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue
  • All light-emitting elements are of the high reliability four-element (InGaAlP) or high luminosity (InGaN) type ensuring continuous, long-term, reliable operation


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLens ColorLens TransparencyAvailable QuantityView Details
SMLP12BC7TT86 datasheet linkLED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDSMLP12BC7TT86LED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear69215 - Immediate
SMLP12BC7TT86 product page link
SMLP34RGB1W3 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 0404 SMDSMLP34RGB1W3LED RGB DIFFUSED 0404 SMDCommon AnodeWhite23028 - Immediate
SMLP34RGB1W3 product page link
SML-P12YTT86 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12YTT86LED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear8745 - Immediate
SML-P12YTT86 product page link
SML-P12PTT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12PTT86LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear27702 - Immediate
SML-P12PTT86 product page link
SML-P12UTT86 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12UTT86LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear13153 - Immediate
SML-P12UTT86 product page link
SML-P12VTT86 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12VTT86LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear16447 - Immediate
SML-P12VTT86 product page link
SML-P12DTT86 datasheet linkLED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12DTT86LED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear7374 - Immediate
SML-P12DTT86 product page link
SMLP36RGB1W3 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 0604 SMDSMLP36RGB1W3LED RGB DIFFUSED 0604 SMDIndependentWhite3255 - Immediate
SMLP36RGB1W3 product page link
SML-P12MTT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12MTT86LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear0SML-P12MTT86 product page link
SMLP12WBC7W1 datasheet linkLED WHITE DIFFUSED 0402 SMDSMLP12WBC7W1LED WHITE DIFFUSED 0402 SMDWhiteDiffused0SMLP12WBC7W1 product page link
Published: 2009-01-20