RBD-12 LED Driver

Constant-current, buck-boost LED drivers from RECOM

Image of Recom Power's RBD-12 LED DriverThe RBD-12 series are RECOM's first buck-boost converters that transform a low input voltage to a higher output (boost), but will also work if the input voltage is higher than the output (buck). Two models are available with constant currents of 350 or 500 mA allowing LED strings to be driven with between 1 and 12 LEDs. The modules are digital (PWM + Remote ON/OFF) and analog dimmable. This device is ideal for all applications where long-lasting and universal DC/DC power supply is required, including off-grid, mobile homes, E-cars, garden lighting or temporary traffic signs. Comparable buck-boost converters with similar high efficiency are not available on the market.


  • Buck-boost LED driver up to Vout = 40 V
  • Constant current output (350 or 500 mA)
  • Digital PWM and analog voltage dimming
  • High efficiency to 92%
  • EN60950-1 and UL60950-1 certified
  • EMC Class A without extern components
  • Pinned or wired version

RBD-12 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
RBD-12-0.35 datasheet linkLED SUPP CC BUCK BST 2-40V 350MARBD-12-0.35LED SUPP CC BUCK BST 2-40V 350MA36 - Immediate
116 - Factory Stock
RBD-12-0.35 product page link
RBD-12-0.50 datasheet linkLED SUPP CC BUCK BST 2-40V 500MARBD-12-0.50LED SUPP CC BUCK BST 2-40V 500MA95 - Immediate
RBD-12-0.50 product page link
RBD-12-0.50/W datasheet linkLED DVR CC BUCK-BOOST 8-40V 0.5ARBD-12-0.50/WLED DVR CC BUCK-BOOST 8-40V 0.5A23 - Immediate
36 - Factory Stock
RBD-12-0.50/W product page link
RBD-12-0.35/W datasheet linkLED DVR CC BUCK-BOOST 8-40V .5ARBD-12-0.35/WLED DVR CC BUCK-BOOST 8-40V .5A12 - Factory StockRBD-12-0.35/W product page link
Published: 2012-08-31