XR Series UV LEDs

RayVio's high UV C power for disinfection and sterilization

Image of RayVio's XR UV LEDsRayVio XR series UV LEDs deliver high-power and high-density UV light with peak spectral wavelength output of 280 nm.

These devices are designed to meet the most demanding and mission-critical applications in the healthcare and well-being segments.

Features and Benefits
  • High UV output power enables high output and compact applications
  • High reliability and long lifetime
  • Proven effective for disinfection at 280 nm

XR Series UV LEDs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMounting TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
XR SERIES SMD-ON-SB,275-285NM, 6RVXR-280-SB-073105XR SERIES SMD-ON-SB,275-285NM, 6Surface Mount171 - ImmediateView Details
XR SERIES SMD,275-285NM, 6-9MW 1RVXR-280-SM-073105XR SERIES SMD,275-285NM, 6-9MW 1Surface Mount486 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-05-16