Piezo Benders

PUI Audio offers their Piezo benders which are equipped with 100 mm lead wires

Image of PUI Audio Inc's Piezo BendersPUI Audio features a unique line of Piezo benders equipped with attached 100 mm lead wires. Many engineers and electronic enthusiasts know the challenge of hand soldering to a piezo bender and how easy it can be to damage the components. By offering leaded versions in several sizes and variations as standard off-the-shelf products, PUI Audio allows customers and engineers the opportunity to prototype and put a product into a design in a much more simple and reliable fashion. Piezo devices have proven to be long-lasting, weather-resistant, high-quality products, with excellent long-term repeatability of the output signal. A wide variety of applications of piezo benders in use today range across fire and safety, home and retail security, home automation, point of sale/purchase, medical devices, hand-held electronics, kiosks, and industrial products.

  • Home automation
  • Point of sale/ purchase
    • Bar code scanners
    • Bar code readers
    • Credit card terminals
  • Fire / safety
    • Smoke detectors
    • Firefighter equipment
    • Fire alarms
  • Security
    • Retail security alarms
    • Retail security pedestals
    • Home security alarms
    • Security alarm panels
    • Glass break detection
  • Toys and games
  • Handheld
    • MP3 players
    • Wristwatches
    • Cameras
    • Video equipment
    • Leveling equipment
    • Test and measurement equipment
  • Industrial
    • Scissor lifts
    • Fork lifts
  • Automotive
    • Backup sensors
  • Construction equipment
    • In-cab alerts
    • Operator panels
    • Back-up alarms
  • Medical
    • Glucose monitors
    • Infusion pumps
    • Thermometers
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Imaging equipment
    • Implantable devices
  • Recreational vehicles
    • All-terrain vehicles
    • Golf carts
    • Snowmobiles
    • Watercraft
    • Lawn mowers
  • Kiosks
    • Retail kiosks
    • ATM machines


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionQuantityAvailable QuantityView Details
LEADED PIEZO KIT668-1522-KITLEADED PIEZO KIT36 Pieces (12 Values - 3 Each)7 - Immediate
668-1522-KIT product page link

Piezo Benders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequencyAvailable QuantityView Details
AB2040S-LW100-R datasheet linkBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 4KHZ 100MMAB2040S-LW100-RBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 4KHZ 100MM4kHz4294 - Immediate
AB2040S-LW100-R product page link
AB1070B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CER BENDER 7000HZ 1000 OHMAB1070B-LW100-RPIEZO CER BENDER 7000HZ 1000 OHM7kHz3839 - Immediate
AB1070B-LW100-R product page link
AB2025B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 20MM 2.5KHZAB2025B-LW100-RPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 20MM 2.5KHZ2.5kHz7806 - Immediate
AB2025B-LW100-R product page link
AB1541B-LW100-R datasheet linkBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 4.1KHZ 100MAB1541B-LW100-RBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 4.1KHZ 100M4.1kHz2321 - Immediate
AB1541B-LW100-R product page link
AB2065B-LW100-R datasheet linkBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZOAB2065B-LW100-RBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO6.5kHz3656 - Immediate
AB2065B-LW100-R product page link
AB2720B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 27MM 2.0KHZAB2720B-LW100-RPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 27MM 2.0KHZ2kHz1468 - Immediate
AB2720B-LW100-R product page link
APS4812B-LW100-R datasheet linkBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 1.2KHZ 50MMAPS4812B-LW100-RBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 1.2KHZ 50MM1.2kHz1308 - Immediate
APS4812B-LW100-R product page link
AB3529BF-LW100-R datasheet linkBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 2.7KHZ 100MAB3529BF-LW100-RBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO 2.7KHZ 100M2.9kHz650 - Immediate
AB3529BF-LW100-R product page link
AB5027B-3-LW100-R datasheet linkBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZOAB5027B-3-LW100-RBUZZER ELEMENT PIEZO2.7kHz267 - Immediate
AB5027B-3-LW100-R product page link
AB2040B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 20MM 4.0KHZAB2040B-LW100-RPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 20MM 4.0KHZ4kHz585 - Immediate
AB2040B-LW100-R product page link
AB2746B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CER BENDER 27MM 4600HZAB2746B-LW100-RPIEZO CER BENDER 27MM 4600HZ4.6kHz978 - Immediate
AB2746B-LW100-R product page link
AB2734B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 30V 1000OHMAB2734B-LW100-RPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 30V 1000OHM3.4kHz29 - Immediate
AB2734B-LW100-R product page link
AB3526B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 35MM 30VAB3526B-LW100-RPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 35MM 30V2.6kHz826 - Immediate
AB3526B-LW100-R product page link
AB4113B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 30V 1300HZAB4113B-LW100-RPIEZO CERAMIC BENDER 30V 1300HZ1.3kHz225 - Immediate
AB4113B-LW100-R product page link
AB1290B-LW100-R datasheet linkPIEZO CER BENDER 9000HZ 500 OHMAB1290B-LW100-RPIEZO CER BENDER 9000HZ 500 OHM9kHz0AB1290B-LW100-R product page link
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Published: 2013-10-04