Solutions for the Future: Data Center Connectivity

Addressing data center challenges

Data centers need connector solutions from the industry’s leader in connection technology. Phoenix Contact’s robust connection technology and components are ideal for the data center industry. Get reliable power distribution, network communication, powerful data transmission, and overall high system availability. Our power connectors, terminal blocks, and our prefabricated copper and fiber-optic cabling solutions offer application-specific designs to suit your specific needs.

Choose Category

  • Power Management
  • Servers & Networking
  • Cooling Infrastructure
  • Monitoring Sensors

Power Management

High-quality connectors ensure zero downtime for PDU and ATS components to manage and distribute power fast and reliably.

Server & Networking

Boost your server rack performance with UL-approved, fiber-optic cables and copper connectors. Reduce time with pre-assembled 19-inch splice boxes, providing high-connection density.

Cooling Infrastructure

Fan motors can take advantage of quick-connect circular connectors for signal and power with EMC protection. Controllers can choose from our widest range of future-ready PCB connectors.

Monitoring Sensors

Reduce the size and installation time of sensors and monitoring equipment without compromising performance with innovative device connectors and electronics cases.