PAN1326 Bluetooth® RF Modules

A dual-mode wireless Bluetooth connectivity and Bluetooth low energy RF module

Image of Panasonic's PAN1326 Bluetooth® RF ModulePanasonic's latest breakthrough in wireless networking, the PAN1326 Series RF Modules, feature both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth connectivity. This powerful new technology combination creates a low cost, ultra-low power wireless networking solution for short range applications.

The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard is designed to reduce power consumption by establishing very fast connections (few ms) and transferring small amounts of data. Using these techniques, energy consumption is reduced to a tenth of Classic Bluetooth. Bluetooth Low Energy devices can be put into a sleep mode and activated for event activities such as sending files to a gateway, PC or mobile phone. Furthermore, the maximum power consumption is less than 15 mA and the average power consumption is about 1 µA. Thus, a small coin cell – such as a CR2032 – is capable of powering a device for up to 10 years of operation.

The PAN1326 Host Controlled Interface (HCI) series also brings Texas Instrument’s CC2564, to an easy-to-use module format. Panasonic’s tiny footprint technology offers a module of only 85.5 mm² including antenna. The modules are designed to accommodate PCBs with pad pitch of 1.3 mm and as little as two layers for easy implementation and manufacturing.

  • Best-in-class Bluetooth RF performance (Tx power, Rx sensitivity, blocking)
  • Fully qualified Bluetooth v4.0 EDR
  • Dimensions: 9 mm(W) x 9.5 mm(L) x 1.8 mm(H)
  • Certifications: Bluetooth, FCC, IC and CE
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C
  • Supply voltage range: 1.7 V - 4.8 V
  • Profiles: SPP, A2DP and AVRCP
  • Based upon TI’s CC2564
  • Integrates with TI’s ultra-low-power MSP430 microprocessor
  • Very fast algorithm for both ACL and eSCO
  • Supports extended range Tx power with 10dBm
    typical output
  • Low power scan method for page and inquiry scans at 1/3rd normal power

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PAN1326 Bluetooth® RF Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionRF Family/StandardAvailable QuantityView Details
ENW-89823A2KF datasheet linkRF TXRX MOD BLUETOOTH CHIP ANTENW-89823A2KFRF TXRX MOD BLUETOOTH CHIP ANTBluetooth0ENW-89823A2KF product page link
Published: 2011-11-16