KT4R Series Temperature Controllers

Panasonic's KT4R series temperature controllers feature smooth initial settings and setting adjustments

Image of Panasonic's KT4R PIAS Temp ControllersPanasonic's KT4R series temperature controls are easily programmed using a nine-step setting procedure thanks to a built-in easy programming function. By entering specific target values for each indicated period, freely selectable temperature control is possible. With twice the responsiveness as previous models, controls such as heat capacity are more finely carried out.

Operation startup can begin after using initial setting mode to enter the control values required before first use and after entering values for items such as frequently used and frequently changed settings. Smooth operation is enabled at initial startup and after changing settings.

  • Smooth initial setting and setting adjustment
  • Multi-input sensors
  • Visibility and operability improved with large display and key size
  • Fine control of heat capacity 
  • Simple operation enables highly accurate temperature control
  • Meets market demands for cost-effectiveness
  • Printing machines
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Temperature-controlled baths
  • LCD curing ovens
  • Injection molding

Temperature Controllers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutput TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
CONTROL TEMP REL OUT 100-240VAKT4R111100CONTROL TEMP REL OUT 100-240VRelay (2)99 - Immediate
22 - Factory Stock
View Details
CONTROL TEMP REL OUT 100-240VAKT4R1111001CONTROL TEMP REL OUT 100-240VRelay (2)19 - ImmediateView Details
CONTROL TEMP REL OUT 100-240VAKT4R111200CONTROL TEMP REL OUT 100-240VRelay (3)11 - ImmediateView Details
CNTRL TEMP REL/VOLT OUT 100-240VAKT4R112100CNTRL TEMP REL/VOLT OUT 100-240VRelay, Voltage (External SSR)0View Details
Published: 2016-12-09