NCP171 LDO Regulator

ON Semiconductor's regulator features an ultra-low 50 nA IQ and dual power mode

Image of ON Semiconductor's NCP171 LDO RegulatorON Semiconductor's NCP171 is a dual-mode LDO offering up to 80 mA in active mode and as low as 50 nA of IQ in low-power mode. The dual-mode function is selectable with the ECO pin allowing for dynamic switching between active and low power modes, ideal in long-life battery-powered wireless applications. The output voltage in low-power mode can be lowered by an internally factory-programmed value ranging 50 mV, 100 mV, 150 mV, or 200 mV with respect to the nominal output voltage in active mode. This feature further lowers the application consumption in sleep mode. The NCP171 is in the super low IQ (SLIQ) LDO family with an ultra-low quiescent current of 50 nA and is available in small XDFN4 1.2 x 1.2 package. 

  • Super-low IQ of 50 nA
  • Dual-mode functionality optimized for both active mode and standby mode operation
  • Active mode up to 80 mA with excellent PSRR and noise performance
  • Low-power mode (SLIQ) with 50 nA IQ
  • Mode select, ECO pin
  • XDFN 1.2x1.2 package
  • Excellent for battery-powered applications
  • System flexibility to switch between two distinct operating modes: optimized performance and extended battery life
  • Ideal for RF supply and high-precision sensors
  • Extends battery life when system is in extended standby (low-power) mode
  • Flexible selection between active and low-power modes
  • Small footprint for space-constrained applications
  • Wireless battery-powered IoT sensors
  • Battery-powered medical devices
  • Disposable medical devices/patches
  • Smoke detectors with 10-year battery life
  • Remote controllers
  • Wearable devices
  • Smartwatches
  • Medical patches
  • Smoke detectors
  • Home security sensors
  • Battery-powered surveillance cameras
  • Agricultural monitoring sensors

NCP171 LDO Regulator

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Output (Min/Fixed)Available QuantityView Details
LDO REGNCP171AMX180175TCGLDO REG1.8V3000 - ImmediateView Details
LDO REGNCP171AMX280275TCGLDO REG2.8V3000 - ImmediateView Details
LDO REGNCP171AMX330325TCGLDO REG3.3V3000 - ImmediateView Details


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
Published: 2019-09-04