XM7 Compact USB and Mini-USB Connectors

Omron's compact interface connectors conform to USB standards

Image of Omron's XM7 Compact USB and Mini-USB ConnectorsOmron’s compact USB and mini USB connectors are designed for PC and peripheral devices where you can connect or disconnect active lines with power supplied to devices. The connectors are able to withstand high twisting force while allowing easy connection and disconnection of cables. The XM7D mini-USB connectors are offered in either through hole design or SMT terminals for industry-standard no-clean solder processes.

Compact XM7A/B USB Connector Features
  • USB A-type sockets for mounting on personal computers and USB hubs
  • USB B-type sockets for mounting on printers, scanners, mouses, and other peripheral devices for computers
Mini-XM7D USB Connector Features
  • Insertion life of 5,000 insertions
  • Right-angle DIP terminals or right-angle SMT terminals

Compact XM7A/B USB Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ContactsAvailable QuantityView Details
XM7A-0442A datasheet linkCONN USB 1A 30VAC R/A BLACKXM7A-0442ACONN USB 1A 30VAC R/A BLACK8444 - Immediate
XM7A-0442A product page link
XM7A-0442 datasheet linkCONN USB 1A 30VAC R/A BLACKXM7A-0442CONN USB 1A 30VAC R/A BLACK4332 - Immediate
XM7A-0442 product page link
XM7B-0442 datasheet linkCONN USB 1A 30VAC R/A WHITEXM7B-0442CONN USB 1A 30VAC R/A WHITE4215 - Immediate
450 - Factory Stock
XM7B-0442 product page link

Mini-XM7D USB Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
XM7D-0512 datasheet linkMINI USB RA DIPXM7D-0512MINI USB RA DIP3143 - Immediate
7700 - Factory Stock
XM7D-0512 product page link
XM7D-0514 datasheet linkMINI USB RA SMTXM7D-0514MINI USB RA SMT138 - Immediate
XM7D-0514 product page link
Published: 2014-02-06