Pre-wired Slot Sensor EE-SX-11 Series

Omron announces the expansion of its optical sensor lineup, featuring pre-wire type models

Image of Omron Prewired Slot Sensor EE-SX-11 SeriesOmron's pre-wire type models come with wires already attached to the optical sensor, saving customers time and money during their assembly process. Omron’s optical sensors offer high connection reliability and are maintenance friendly by having the wire leads use a connector that will attach to the terminals of the sensor as opposed to soldering the wires directly onto the terminals. Omron will offer a wide variety of pre wire type sensors with both a phototransistor and photo IC output. These sensors can be used in various applications, such as office automation, healthcare equipment, home appliances, vending machines, and more.

Features and Benefits
  • Included wires save customers time/money on assembly
  • High connection reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide product lineup
  • Office automation equipment (copiers, printers, and more)
  • Amusement equipment
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Home appliances (security cameras, and air cleaners)
  • Vending machines
  • ATMs

EE-SX-11 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
EE-SX1088-W11 datasheet linkSENSOR OPTO SLOT 3.4MMEE-SX1088-W11SENSOR OPTO SLOT 3.4MM979 - Immediate
10680 - Factory Stock
EE-SX1088-W11 product page link
EE-SX3088-W11 datasheet linkSENSOR OPTO SLOT 3.4MMEE-SX3088-W11SENSOR OPTO SLOT 3.4MM153 - Immediate
EE-SX3088-W11 product page link
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Published: 2016-03-29