TEH100 Series Resistors

Ohmite offers 100 W thick film power resistors for high frequency and pulse loading applications

Image of Ohmite's TEH100 Series ResistorsThe development of a heatsink that aids low thermal resistance has enabled Ohmite to push the power ratings of its TO-247 resistors to new levels. A result of this is the TEH100 series, which is rated at 100 W at a 25°C case temperature.

Ideally suited to power supply applications, these thick film, non-inductive power resistors are totally encapsulated and insulated. They attach to the heatsink with a simple, single screw mounting. Environmental issues are addressed by their completely molded housings.

The TEH100 series has a maximum working voltage of 350 V and is available in resistance ranges of 0.05 Ω to 1 MΩ. Resistance tolerances are ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, and ±10%, and the linear derating is 100% at 25°C to 0% at 175°C.

  • Non-inductive performance
  • Low thermal resistance
  • RoHS compliant design
  • TO-247 package configuration
  • Non-inductive design

  • Single screw mounting simplifies attachment to the heatsink
  • 100 W power rating at 25°C case temperature
  • A totally molded housing for environmental protection
  • Resistor package completely insulated from heatsink

TEH100 Series Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
TEH100M1R00FE datasheet linkRES 1 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M1R00FERES 1 OHM 100W 1% TO2471942 - Immediate
TEH100M1R00FE product page link
TEH100M25R0FE datasheet linkRES 25 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M25R0FERES 25 OHM 100W 1% TO247739 - Immediate
TEH100M25R0FE product page link
TEH100M10R0FE datasheet linkRES 10 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M10R0FERES 10 OHM 100W 1% TO247504 - Immediate
TEH100M10R0FE product page link
TEH100M100RFE datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M100RFERES 100 OHM 100W 1% TO247404 - Immediate
TEH100M100RFE product page link
TEH100M20R0FE datasheet linkRES 20 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M20R0FERES 20 OHM 100W 1% TO247168 - Immediate
TEH100M20R0FE product page link
TEH100M10R0JE datasheet linkRES 10 OHM 100W 5% TO247TEH100M10R0JERES 10 OHM 100W 5% TO247139 - Immediate
TEH100M10R0JE product page link
TEH100M2R00JE datasheet linkRES 2 OHM 100W 5% TO247TEH100M2R00JERES 2 OHM 100W 5% TO247131 - Immediate
TEH100M2R00JE product page link
TEH100M2R00FE datasheet linkRES 2 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M2R00FERES 2 OHM 100W 1% TO247208 - Immediate
TEH100M2R00FE product page link
TEH100M100RJE datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 100W 5% TO247TEH100M100RJERES 100 OHM 100W 5% TO24798 - Immediate
TEH100M100RJE product page link
TEH100M20R0JE datasheet linkRES 20 OHM 100W 5% TO247TEH100M20R0JERES 20 OHM 100W 5% TO24797 - Immediate
TEH100M20R0JE product page link
TEH100M2R50JE datasheet linkRES 2.5 OHM 100W 5% TO247TEH100M2R50JERES 2.5 OHM 100W 5% TO24740 - Immediate
TEH100M2R50JE product page link
TEH100M15R0FE datasheet linkRES 15 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M15R0FERES 15 OHM 100W 1% TO24741 - Immediate
TEH100M15R0FE product page link
TEH100M2R50FE datasheet linkRES 2.5 OHM 100W 1% TO247TEH100M2R50FERES 2.5 OHM 100W 1% TO24714 - Immediate
TEH100M2R50FE product page link
TEH100M15R0JE datasheet linkRES 15 OHM 100W 5% TO247TEH100M15R0JERES 15 OHM 100W 5% TO2470TEH100M15R0JE product page link
TEH100M1K00JE datasheet linkRES 1K OHM 100W 5% TO247TEH100M1K00JERES 1K OHM 100W 5% TO2470TEH100M1K00JE product page link
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Published: 2010-03-09