Super Mox Thick Film Resistors

High voltage, non-inductive, thick-film resistors are designed for precision temperature-stability requirements

Image of Ohmite's Super Mox Thick Film ResistorsOhmite's high-voltage Super Mox resistors meet the precision temperature stability requirements of high-accuracy and high-voltage systems. Super Mox combines proprietary, non-inductive resistance system and design to achieve low temperature coefficient, low voltage coefficients, high stability, and increased high operating voltages. These resistors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high voltage power supplies, electron microscopes, X-ray systems, high-resolution CRT displays, and geophysical instruments.


  • Resistance range: 1 K ohm to 50 G ohms, values available above 50 G available
  • Serpentine design offers non inductive performance for use in high-voltage applications
  • Very stable resistors with tolerances as low as 0.5% depending on resistance value and TCRs as low as 5 ppm
  • High operating temperatures of 225°C for an extremely resilient part; deratings can be extended to 350°C when required by customer

Super Mox Thick Film

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MOX91021004FVE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 3.8W 1% AXIALMOX91021004FVERES 1M OHM 3.8W 1% AXIAL620 - Immediate
MOX91021004FVE product page link
MOX94021006FVE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 10W 1% AXIALMOX94021006FVERES 100M OHM 10W 1% AXIAL576 - Immediate
MOX94021006FVE product page link
MOX95021005FVE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIALMOX95021005FVERES 10M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIAL290 - Immediate
MOX95021005FVE product page link
MOX91021005FVE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 3.8W 1% AXIALMOX91021005FVERES 10M OHM 3.8W 1% AXIAL265 - Immediate
MOX91021005FVE product page link
MOX91022505FTE datasheet linkRES 25M OHM 3.8W 1% AXIALMOX91022505FTERES 25M OHM 3.8W 1% AXIAL226 - Immediate
MOX91022505FTE product page link
MOX92021006FVE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX92021006FVERES 100M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL995 - Immediate
MOX92021006FVE product page link
MOX92021005FVE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX92021005FVERES 10M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL324 - Immediate
MOX92021005FVE product page link
MOX92025005FVE datasheet linkRES 50M OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX92025005FVERES 50M OHM 5W 1% AXIAL155 - Immediate
MOX92025005FVE product page link
MOX93021004FVE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 7.5W 1% AXIALMOX93021004FVERES 1M OHM 7.5W 1% AXIAL433 - Immediate
MOX93021004FVE product page link
MOX93021005FVE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 7.5W 1% AXIALMOX93021005FVERES 10M OHM 7.5W 1% AXIAL101 - Immediate
MOX93021005FVE product page link
MOX95022505FTE datasheet linkRES 25M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIALMOX95022505FTERES 25M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIAL332 - Immediate
MOX95022505FTE product page link
MOX96021006FVE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 16W 1% AXIALMOX96021006FVERES 100M OHM 16W 1% AXIAL264 - Immediate
MOX96021006FVE product page link
MOX97025004FVE datasheet linkRES 5M OHM 20W 1% AXIALMOX97025004FVERES 5M OHM 20W 1% AXIAL132 - Immediate
MOX97025004FVE product page link
MOX97021004FVE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 20W 1% AXIALMOX97021004FVERES 1M OHM 20W 1% AXIAL110 - Immediate
MOX97021004FVE product page link
MOX93025004FVE datasheet linkRES 5M OHM 7.5W 1% AXIALMOX93025004FVERES 5M OHM 7.5W 1% AXIAL128 - Immediate
MOX93025004FVE product page link
MOX94025005FVE datasheet linkRES 50M OHM 10W 1% AXIALMOX94025005FVERES 50M OHM 10W 1% AXIAL125 - Immediate
MOX94025005FVE product page link
MOX92021007FTE datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 5W 1% AXIALMOX92021007FTERES 1G OHM 5W 1% AXIAL85 - Immediate
MOX92021007FTE product page link
MOX95025004FVE datasheet linkRES 5M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIALMOX95025004FVERES 5M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIAL85 - Immediate
MOX95025004FVE product page link
MOX95021004FVE datasheet linkRES 1M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIALMOX95021004FVERES 1M OHM 13.5W 1% AXIAL34 - Immediate
MOX95021004FVE product page link
MOX96021007FTE datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 16W 1% AXIALMOX96021007FTERES 1G OHM 16W 1% AXIAL18 - Immediate
MOX96021007FTE product page link
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Published: 2013-05-15