Slim-Mox Resistors

Provides stable performance for a wide range of resistance values

Image of Ohmite's Slim-Mox ResistorsOhmite's Slim-Mox provides stable performance for a wide range of resistance values, with voltage ratings up to 25 K. Low temperature coefficients are available for high-stability circuit applications. The space-saving planar package offers an alternative to traditional high-voltage resistors.

Features include high dielectric and low outgassing epoxy coating, low resistor noise, non-inductivity, RoHS compliance, and radial terminals.

Applications include HV power supplies, medical instrumentation, current pulse limiters, and ionization chambers.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SM104031006FE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104031006FERES 100M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL1682 - Immediate
SM104031006FE product page link
SM104032005FE datasheet linkRES 20M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104032005FERES 20M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL563 - Immediate
SM104032005FE product page link
SM104031007JE datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 1.5W 5% RADIALSM104031007JERES 1G OHM 1.5W 5% RADIAL530 - Immediate
SM104031007JE product page link
SM102032004FE datasheet linkRES 2M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102032004FERES 2M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL3185 - Immediate
SM102032004FE product page link
SM102035005FE datasheet linkRES 50M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102035005FERES 50M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL2274 - Immediate
SM102035005FE product page link
SM102032006FE datasheet linkRES 200M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102032006FERES 200M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL1621 - Immediate
SM102032006FE product page link
SM102031005FE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102031005FERES 10M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL1034 - Immediate
SM102031005FE product page link
SM102031006FE datasheet linkRES 100M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102031006FERES 100M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL729 - Immediate
SM102031006FE product page link
SM102033005FE datasheet linkRES 30M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102033005FERES 30M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL353 - Immediate
SM102033005FE product page link
SM102032005FE datasheet linkRES 20M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102032005FERES 20M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL244 - Immediate
SM102032005FE product page link
SM102031007FE datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102031007FERES 1G OHM 1W 1% RADIAL210 - Immediate
SM102031007FE product page link
SM102035004FE datasheet linkRES 5M OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102035004FERES 5M OHM 1W 1% RADIAL209 - Immediate
SM102035004FE product page link
SM102035007FE datasheet linkRES 5G OHM 1W 1% RADIALSM102035007FERES 5G OHM 1W 1% RADIAL206 - Immediate
SM102035007FE product page link
SM104031007FE datasheet linkRES 1G OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104031007FERES 1G OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL1335 - Immediate
SM104031007FE product page link
SM104033006FE datasheet linkRES 300M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104033006FERES 300M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL1044 - Immediate
SM104033006FE product page link
SM104031005FE datasheet linkRES 10M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104031005FERES 10M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL686 - Immediate
SM104031005FE product page link
SM104034004FE datasheet linkRES 4M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104034004FERES 4M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL611 - Immediate
SM104034004FE product page link
SM104032006FE datasheet linkRES 200M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104032006FERES 200M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL608 - Immediate
SM104032006FE product page link
SM104035006FE datasheet linkRES 500M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIALSM104035006FERES 500M OHM 1.5W 1% RADIAL539 - Immediate
SM104035006FE product page link
SM108032006FE datasheet linkRES 200M OHM 2.5W 1% RADIALSM108032006FERES 200M OHM 2.5W 1% RADIAL1873 - Immediate
SM108032006FE product page link
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Published: 2013-06-20