One-Chip Qi Wireless Charging Transmitter

NXP offers ultimate integration of complete wireless charging functionality in a small-size package

Image of NXP's One-Chip Qi Wireless Charging TransmitterNXP's NXQ1TXH5 is a controller/driver IC for a 5 V Qi-compliant wireless charger. It offers a fully integrated transmitter solution that includes a 5 V full-bridge power stage to directly drive a Qi transmitter coil, as defined in the 5 V A5, A11, A12 and A16 Qi standards.

The NXQ1TXH5 has dedicated analog ping circuitry to detect available devices, according to the wireless power consortium (WPC) Qi standard, which achieves extremely low standby power consumption. If a Qi-compliant receiver is detected, the NXQ1TXH5 will attempt to communicate with it. If the receiver is recognized, it will safely initiate wireless power transfer from the transmitter to the receiver, while monitoring for any fault conditions like interfering metal objects or overheat conditions. The device is optimized to operate from a USB power supply and can also handle limited supply power conditions by automatic adjustment of the output power, called smart power limiting (SPL).

For the user interface LED outputs are available with several blinking modes as well as a buzzer output. Additional features like static power reduction (SPR) allow multiple NXQ1TXH5 based transmitters to operate from a single USB power supply.

The NXQ1TXH5 is available in a 5 mm x 5 mm, 32-pin HVQFN package with 0.5 mm pitch.

Datasheet, App Notes, and Demo Board User’s Manual

  • Very small, low cost design on 2-layer PCB
  • Delivers 5 W at Qi wireless charging receiver output (8.5 W transmitter power) with superior thermal performance
  • Peak efficiency of 75%
  • Single chip WPC1.2 Qi-compliant device for A5/A11/A12/A16 5 V single-coil low-power transmitter
  • Integrated full-bridge power stage for optimal coil drive with high efficiency and low EMI radiation
  • Extremely low-power receiver detection circuitry; standby power less than 10 mW
  • Power stage fully protected against over-currents and over-temperature
  • 2 LED and buzzer outputs
  • Small HVQFN 32-pin package (5 mm x 5 mm)
  • FOD with automatic switching between V1.1 and V1.0 for legacy receiver support
  • Smart power limiting (SPL) function to adapt to power-limited 5 V supplies
  • Static power reduction (SPR) function for multiple NXQ1TXH5 on single USB power supply
  • Dual-channel Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) demodulation


  • Wireless power consortium (WPC) certified/compliant Qi wireless power transmitters

One-Chip Qi Wireless Charging Transmitter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
RF XMITTER 110-205KHZ 32VFQFNNXQ1TXH5/101JRF XMITTER 110-205KHZ 32VFQFN17996 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-09-16