LPC1500 Microcontroller Family

NXP's LPC1500 family of microcontrollers are optimized for fast, easy, high-precision motor control

Image of NXP Semiconductor's LPC1500 Microcontroller FamilyNXP's LPC1500 motorcontroller family is ARM® Cortex™-M3-based microcontrollers for embedded applications featuring a rich peripheral set with very-low power consumption. The ARM Cortex-M3 is a next-generation core that offers system enhancements such as enhanced debug features and a higher level of support-block integration. The LPC15xx family operates at CPU frequencies of up to 72 MHz. The ARM Cortex-M3 CPU incorporates a 3-stage pipeline and uses a Harvard architecture with separate local instruction and data buses, as well as a third bus for peripherals. The ARM Cortex-M3 CPU also includes an internal prefetch unit that supports speculative branching.

The LPC15xx family includes up to 256 kB of Flash memory, 32 kB of ROM, a 4 kB EEPROM, and up to 36 kB of SRAM. The peripheral compliment includes one full-speed USB 2.0 device, two SPI interfaces, three USARTs, one Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) I²C-bus interface, one C_CAN module, PWM/timer subsystem with four configurable, multi-purpose State Configurable Timers (SCTimer/PWM) with input pre-processing unit, a real-time clock module with independent power supply and a dedicated oscillator, two 12-channel/12-bit, 2 Msamples/sec ADCs, one 12-bit, 500 kSamples/sec DAC, four voltage comparators with internal voltage reference, and a temperature sensor. A DMA engine can service most peripherals.

  • System
    • ARM Cortex-M3 processor, running at frequencies of up to 72 MHz
    • ARM Cortex-M3 built-in nested vectored interrupt controller (NVIC)
    • System tick timer
    • Serial-wire Debug (SWD) with four breakpoints and two watchpoints
    • Single-cycle multiplier supported
    • Memory Protection Unit (MPU) included
  • Memory
    • Up to 256 kB on-chip Flash programming memory with 256 Byte page write and erase
    • Up to 36 kB SRAM
    • 4 kB EEPROM

LPC1500 Microcontrollers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
LPC1517JBD64E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 64LQFPLPC1517JBD64EIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 64LQFP800 - Immediate
LPC1517JBD64E product page link
LPC1518JBD64E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 64LQFPLPC1518JBD64EIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 64LQFP5665 - Immediate
LPC1518JBD64E product page link
LPC1519JBD64E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 64LQFPLPC1519JBD64EIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 64LQFP2578 - Immediate
LPC1519JBD64E product page link
LPC1549JBD48QL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 48LQFPLPC1549JBD48QLIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 48LQFP861 - Immediate
LPC1549JBD48QL product page link
LPC1549JBD64QL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 64LQFPLPC1549JBD64QLIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 64LQFP1004 - Immediate
LPC1549JBD64QL product page link
LPC1517JBD48E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 48LQFPLPC1517JBD48EIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 48LQFP6269 - Immediate
LPC1517JBD48E product page link
LPC1519JBD100E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFPLPC1519JBD100EIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFP0LPC1519JBD100E product page link
LPC1547JBD48QL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 48LQFPLPC1547JBD48QLIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 48LQFP245 - Immediate
LPC1547JBD48QL product page link
OM13056UL datasheet linkDEV BOARD LPC1549 LPCXPRESSOOM13056ULDEV BOARD LPC1549 LPCXPRESSO63 - Immediate
OM13056UL product page link
OM13064 datasheet linkEVAL BOARD MCB1549 KEILOM13064EVAL BOARD MCB1549 KEIL2 - Immediate
OM13064 product page link
OM13068UL product page link
LPC1547JBD64QL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 64LQFPLPC1547JBD64QLIC MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH 64LQFP0LPC1547JBD64QL product page link
LPC1548JBD64QL datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 64LQFPLPC1548JBD64QLIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 64LQFP0LPC1548JBD64QL product page link
LPC1518JBD100E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 100LQFPLPC1518JBD100EIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 100LQFP0LPC1518JBD100E product page link
LPC1548JBD100E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 100LQFPLPC1548JBD100EIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 100LQFP0LPC1548JBD100E product page link
LPC1549JBD100E datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFPLPC1549JBD100EIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFP0LPC1549JBD100E product page link
OM13067 datasheet linkKIT MOTOR CONTROL PMSMOM13067KIT MOTOR CONTROL PMSM0OM13067 product page link
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Published: 2014-02-03