LPC1102 32-Bit ARM Microcontroller

NXP's LPC1102 brings unprecedented performance, low power, and simplicity

LPC1102 32-Bit ARM MicrocontrollerNXP Semiconductors' LPC1102 is targeted at applications requiring an ultra-miniature board footprint. As the newest member of the highly successful LPC11xx microcontroller family, the LPC1102 delivers the same key features of low power, high performance, and high value while adding the new dimension of miniaturization. The LPC1102, with 32 KB of flash and 8 KB of RAM on-chip, is available in wafer level chip scale packaging (WL-CSP) with dimensions of 2.17 mm x 2.32 mm, a thickness of 0.65 mm, and a pitch of 0.5 mm.

Key product features include a 5-channel 10-bit ADC, one UART, one SPI, two 32-bit and two 16-bit timers, and one 24-bit system timer. SWD debugging and programming with four breakpoints and two watch points are also included. Eleven I/O functions also double as general-purpose input and output GPIO for maximum flexibility. Offering very low power consumption with active mode current as low as 130 µA / MHz, the LPC1102 features an internal IRC oscillator that is accurate to ±1% over the industrial temperature and voltage range. It can also be clocked with an external source.

  • Mobile devices
  • Consumer peripherals
  • Lighting
  • 8- and 16-bit applications
  • Portable devices

LPC1102 32-Bit ARM Microcontroller

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LPC1102UK,118 datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 16WLCSPLPC1102UK,118IC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 16WLCSP4223 - Immediate
LPC1102UK,118 product page link
Published: 2010-09-14