KMZ60 Magnetoresistive Angle Sensor

A magnetoresistive angle sensor with integrated amplifier IC from NXP

Image of NXP Semiconductor's KMZ60 Magnetoresistive Angle SensorNXP Semiconductors has announced the KMZ60, a magnetoresistive angle sensor with integrated amplifier IC. The NXP sensor uses AMR technology (AMR: anisotropic magnetoresistive) and is designed as a low cost, high-performance control device for brushless DC motor commutation.

It consists of two microchips within one package, an angle sensor and an amplifier integrated circuit (IC). The circuit delivers cosine and sine output signals related to the angle of a rotating magnetic field. The output voltage range is ratiometric in relation to the supply voltage. The temperature coefficient (TC) of the sensor amplitude can be compensated. A ratiometric output voltage linear to the temperature is delivered. A power-down mode is implemented.


  • High precision sensor for magnetic angle measurement
  • Temperature coefficient compensated ratiometric output signals from -40 °C to +150 °C
  • Output voltage range is ratiometric in relation to the supply voltage
  • Automotive qualified
  • Single-ended cosine and sine outputs
  • Power-down mode to enable or disable the device
  • Single package angle sensor with integrated instrumentation amplifier
  • RoHS-compliant and free of halogen and antimony (dark green compliant)

KMZ60 Magnetoresistive Angle Sensor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTechnologyRotation Angle - Electrical, MechanicalAvailable QuantityView Details
KMZ60,115 datasheet linkIC MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR 8-SOICKMZ60,115IC MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR 8-SOICMagnetoresistive0° ~ 360°46 - Immediate
KMZ60,115 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29