Standard Brush DC Motors

Flat shape brush DC motors from NMB Technologies

NMB Technologies Corporation's Standard Brush DC MotorsThe standard brush DC motors from NMB Technologies are available in a variety of sizes including flat shape motors from 8 to 25 mm. Motors with precious metal brushes offer low current and low noise in a small package. Motors with carbon brushes offer high power and longer life. Typical applications for these brush DC motors are automotive, medical, audio visual equipment, office automation, and industrial applications.

Brusch DC Motors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
PWN10VEE24AA datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 11139 RPM 24VDCPWN10VEE24AASTANDARD MOTOR 11139 RPM 24VDC499 - Immediate
PWN10VEE24AA product page link
PAN14EE12AA1 datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 12850 RPM 12VDCPAN14EE12AA1STANDARD MOTOR 12850 RPM 12VDC6721 - Immediate
PAN14EE12AA1 product page link
PNN7RE08JD datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 16364 RPM 3VDCPNN7RE08JDSTANDARD MOTOR 16364 RPM 3VDC882 - Immediate
PNN7RE08JD product page link
PNN13RE09H1 datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 13833 RPM 3VDCPNN13RE09H1STANDARD MOTOR 13833 RPM 3VDC0PNN13RE09H1 product page link
PKN7EB105C7 datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 12130 RPM 3VDCPKN7EB105C7STANDARD MOTOR 12130 RPM 3VDC769 - Immediate
PKN7EB105C7 product page link
PKN12EB105C1 datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 7796 RPM 3VDCPKN12EB105C1STANDARD MOTOR 7796 RPM 3VDC1296 - Immediate
PKN12EB105C1 product page link
M1N10FB11G datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 13850 RPM 5VDCM1N10FB11GSTANDARD MOTOR 13850 RPM 5VDC2658 - Immediate
M1N10FB11G product page link
PPN7PA12C1 datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 11605 RPM 5VDCPPN7PA12C1STANDARD MOTOR 11605 RPM 5VDC5254 - Immediate
PPN7PA12C1 product page link
PPN13PB11C2 datasheet linkSTANDARD MOTOR 7473 RPM 7.4VDCPPN13PB11C2STANDARD MOTOR 7473 RPM 7.4VDC1129 - Immediate
PPN13PB11C2 product page link
Published: 2011-03-17